An interview with the winner of the first DBFZ World Tour 2024-25 Power event.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a wonderful game for casual fun, but its greatness lies in the esports competition. After a short period of uncertainty, DBFZ returns to its path of glory: with the World Tour and soon-coming balance update.

Pro players jump on the train of refreshed hype — and INZEM is one to succeed the most at this rather early stage of the global league. The player won the DBFZ tournament at CEO 2024 while dropping only one game throughout his whole run (in the grand final vs Garlic Bread).

We couldn’t miss this opportunity to reach out to INZEM and ask him a few questions.

CEO 2024 victory How do you feel about such a start to the DBFZ World Tour? Are you happy with how you played at CEO 2024?

INZEM: I really like the start of this World Tour because the format is the best I’ve seen yet! As for how I played a CEO, I am a little upset I lost a game to Garlic in the grand final because if I won that game that would’ve been my 2nd event in a row I won without losing a game! But I lost…… Outside of that, I was pretty happy with my performance.

Your team was Base Vegeta, Cell, and Android 18. You won the DBFZ World Tour 2023-24 LCQ with them and then finished 4th in the final event. Could you please explain this choice?

INZEM: My team choice is built around my favorite character in the game being Base Vegeta! Despite him being weaker than he used to be and not being a “top tier” anymore, I feel most comfortable with him, so my team is built to make him as strong as possible!

The meta right now feels to be better balanced than during the Fusions and Lab Coat era. Do you agree with this? 

INZEM: Yes and no. The current meta feels more open due to the top tiers just not being a selection of 4-6 characters. Still, the “meta” picks now are stronger than the Fusion/LC meta characters. So it feels worse to play in my opinion.

INZEM team vs Fusions and Lab Coat (image via
INZEM team vs Fusions and Lab Coat (image via

DBFZ patch

What do you expect from the post-Evo patch? If the game producer, Hiroki-san, asks you what one character should she buff and what one should she nerf — who do you name?

INZEM: I really hope that they nerf the strength of EX moves! They are too strong! Outside of that, I hope they buff some of the characters level 3 mixups so they have a chance to shine and compete against other characters!

As for the 2nd part, if Hiroki-san asked me which character I would want to buff, I would probably choose Base Goku because he is one of my favorite characters, but he is not very good right now. As for which character I would like to nerf, it would be Android 17! The assist is too strong…

You’ve been one of the most dedicated DBFZ competitors and content creators, despite the rollback saga and uncertainty before the new World Tour and patch announcement. What do you like about the game? 

INZEM: To be completely honest, I like the fact that it's a Dragon Ball fighting game. I have loved watching the series since I was a kid, and I love fighting games, so the combination of those 2 makes the game fun! The other reason is I love the way Base Vegeta plays. He fits how I like to play fighting games perfectly so I'm allowed to be expressive/creative in my play!

Base Vegeta (image via DBFZ)
Base Vegeta (image via DBFZ)

2XKO and DB Sparking! Zero

Some new tag-team games should be released soon: Hunter x Hunter Nen Impact and 2XKO. What do you think about these projects? Do you plan to compete in them?

INZEM: I think these projects are going to be extremely fun! I love Versus fighting games, so the fact that 2 new ones are releasing soon is good news for me! Especially 2XKO; I will go full force in that game!

Are you excited about Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero?

INZEM: Yes, I'm super excited for Sparking Zero! Growing up I always played the Dragon Ball games with my siblings, but it's been a while since one of those games was released. So the fact that one of those games is releasing with up-to-date content from the series is amazing!

What are your plans for the DBFZ World Tour 2024-25 in general? Do you plan to travel and farm points? Would you say that France is still cheap without Wawa, as it was at the time of your Install 2022 victory?

INZEM: I plan to win the DBFZ World Tour of 2024-25, Since I already won CEO and am currently in 1st place in terms of points, I don't plan to travel too much because I don't think it's necessary. And yes, France still needs Wawa.

The DBFZ World Tour 2024 is stacked with high-tier events. The closest are tournaments at The MIXUP 2024 (July 13 - 14) and Evo 2024 (July 19 - 21). For everything interesting about Dragon Ball FighterZ and fighting games in general, stick around on!