Some of Korea’s best players in VALORANT, Tekken, and Warcraft 3 will be playing under a new banner.

League of Legends organization DRX have acquired eDreamWork Korea, the parent company of Korean organization Vision Strikers. VS' rosters, including VALORANT, Tekken, and Warcraft competitors, will play under the DRX banner going forward, and the two organizations will fully merge in the near future.

"DRX is a prominent esports organization that has a long and respected history," Vision Strikers CEO Can Yang said in the official announcement. "We are honoured to join such an organization and move forward together. To all of our fans who supported the Vision Strikers brand, I thank you personally wholeheartedly. We will now start another chapter with DRX and earn your support once more."

DRX' background

DRX competes at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. (RIOT GAMES/David Lee)
DRX competes at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. (RIOT GAMES/David Lee)

DRX has their background in League of Legends, where they've competed in the LCK, the top Korean league, since they bought the Kingzone DragonX organization at the end of 2019. Since then, they've been relatively successful. They qualified for Worlds at the end of 2020, ultimately finishing in the quarterfinals. 2021 was less successful, and they look to be fielding a mid-range roster for 2022.

Typically an organization that hasn't flexed a ton of financial muscle, the acquisition of Vision Strikers may mark a big change in direction for the organization.

The implications for Korean esports

Vision Strikers celebrate at VALORANT Champions. (RIOT GAMES/Wojciech Wandzel)
Vision Strikers celebrate at VALORANT Champions. (RIOT GAMES/Wojciech Wandzel)

DRX now fields top teams in many games. In VALORANT, they've acquired the best team in Korea. Vision Strikers have led Korean VALORANT since the game was released, going on a 100+ game undefeated streak. They represented Korea at every international event in 2021. They'll be the favourites to do all this again in 2022, now under the DRX brand.

DRX has also acquired top talent in other games. Tekken star Jaemin "KNEE" Bae and Warcraft 3 player Jaeho "Moon" Jang have also joined the organization. This huge merger cements DRX as one of the organizations at the top in Korea.

“VS is a relatively new team that was created in 2020. However, their performance in VALORANT is unparalleled and shows potential, and they show promise with their legendary players: Moon and KNEE. Sharing the notion of ‘enjoying the challenge’ we are excited to work together heading forward, and will support our new teams fully to help them perform at the highest level," DRX CEO Sangin Choi said in the official announcement.

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