Na’Vi has officially broken all links with ESFORCE and its affiliated companies, including and Epic Esports Events.

Ukrainian esports organization Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) has officially severed ties with major Russian esports holding company ESFORCE. ESFORCE is the holding company behind, Epic Esports Events, RuHub,, and others. The announcement came in an official post on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 1st.

As per the announcement Na’Vi has broken off all cooperation with esports holding company. This assumedly means Na’Vi will not enter tournaments backed by the entity or its affiliates. Na’Vi currently operates a Dota 2 team, CS:GO squad, a League of Legends: Wild Rift team, and also has a presence in PUBG, World of Tanks, R6: Siege, and Valorant. 

Na’Vi’s Bold Response to ESFORCE

Na’Vi’s move to sever ties is in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the recent allegations that ESFORCE supports the war in Ukraine. In a now deleted series of tweets, an admin behind the Dota2RuHub appeared to defy company leadership and post a message condemning the war.

A now deleted tweet from Dota2RuHub

“We were forbidden to speak out at RuHub, because most likely our leadership approves of the war and the killing of civilians in Ukraine. But dear subscribers, you should know! This is a war that Russia unleashed, Putin is a thief and a terrorist. Ukrainian people and Ukrainian Army are heroes”

The tweet was deleted but not before being spotted and saved by OnFireDimitri. Later, Dota 2 observer Jonathan “PimpmuckL” Liebig caught a second RuHub tweet. “RuHub’s social networks were not hacked. The management of the company and the holding continue to lie. RuHub, Epic Esports Events, and other units of the holding support the decision to send troops to Ukraine, and are actively looking for us, who disagree, together with the security service.”

At the time of writing there has been no official statement from RuHub or any ESFORCE holdings companies.

A Line in the Sand

Na’Vi’s announcement comes on the back of the postponement of the EPICENTER DPC EEU Spring Tour. EPICENTER is brand of Epic Esports Events tournaments. 

Overall the war in Ukraine has spread to affect more and more of the esports world. However, with Na’Vi’s statement about ESFORCE, one of the biggest players in the Ukrainian esports scene has made a bold move.

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