Galaxy Racer (GXR), headquartered in Dubai, is set to expand its company to North American, looking for the top talent within women’s esports.

Being the largest esports, gaming, and lifestyle organization, Galaxy Racer has set out to make a difference in the world of esports. Their new brand, 'HER Galaxy', will set its course for North America, focusing solely on women's esports.

Galaxy Racer's vision: Help build a foundation to represent women in esports

Founded in 2019, Galaxy Racer has continued to set precedents when it comes to the gaming world. Their roster consists of some of the world's biggest content creators, including creators such as 'YourFellowArab' and 'MamaBenjyFishy'.

The organization has slated itself as one of the largest gaming organizations across the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Europe. Moving forward, their new headquarters will be located in Los Angeles, California.

HER Galaxy has a primary focus to help build a foundation that represents women in the esports world. In 2021, it was reported that 48% of gamers were female, but less than 1% of female gamers were pro. HER Galaxy aims to change that.

“I am thrilled to join the Galaxy Racer team as we expand into North America. The ongoing focus on building a foundation for emerging women esports talent with HER Galaxy is deeply important to me and the greater gaming community" said Akemi Sue Fisher, CEO of Galaxy Racer North America.

"Through HER Galaxy, we hope to empower the incredible women talent within the US and look forward to meeting all the hopeful teams in the near future!”

Aim: To fix the gender inequality gap in esports

Since 2019, Galaxy Racer has brought to light some of the highest-profile initiatives for women in the esports scene. They brought forth the first-ever women League of Legends professional team in the Middle East. They also developed popular teams with games such as 'CS:GO' and 'Valorant'.

GXR Women's CS:GO Team
GXR Women's CS:GO Team

Throughout 2022, HER Galaxy will strive to fix the gender inequality gap within competitive esports, and prove that some of the best gamers out there are women. They have already received a significant amount of grants, that are being used to help create a safe and empowering platform for all-women teams.

To ensure the success of this initiative, HER Galaxy will focus on four esports teams across multiple platforms. This will include multi-platform tournament series that will offer unparalleled opportunities and growth of women's esports teams.

The organization even plans to focus on a content series, so fans can have an in-depth look at the exciting plans that are unfolding over at HER Galaxy.

Only the beginning

This is an incredible feat for the gaming world. Allowing more diversity within professional esports will only help gamers grow. There is a lot of excitement that comes along with progress such as this. HER Galaxy is setting the bar, in hopes that more companies will follow suit.

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