Why Meepo could be a hidden, broken pick at TI11 cover image

Why Meepo could be a hidden, broken pick at TI11

The Geomancer himself, Meepo, could be the sleeper OP pick of TI11. Here’s why we think it will be…

Over the past few weeks, Esports.gg has spoken to a half dozen players attending The International 2022, and not a single one would reveal any of their secret strategies. That’s not surprising, but it won’t stop us theory crafting. And we’ve come up with something. We’ve decided that Meepo will be the hidden broken OP hero of TI11. Here’s why:

Pros at TI are quietly spamming Meepo

(Image via Dota 2 Pro Tracker)
(Image via Dota 2 Pro Tracker)

A cursory glance at Dota 2 Pro Tracker shows that players including Entity’s Pure and Tundra’s Nine all have a number of Meepo games in the last few days. Faith_bian also picked the hero recently as did Timado. Although not at the event, Team Liquid streamer qojqva has been spamming this hero as well, with 11 recent games. And the reasoning behind the pick seems to be the Aghanim's Scepter upgrade.

His Aghs is broken

Meepo’s Aghs Scepter upgrade gives him Dig, a new ability that allows him became invulnerable and untargetable for four seconds. During that time it restores 50% of his max health. This number has varied between 40% and 60% in past patches, but currently sits at a nice balance of 50%. 

But the ability is also a great tool for dodging abilities, as it cancels targeted abilities in the same way a Manta dodge works, as well as canceling the cast animation. Additionally, since health regeneration scales with Strength, your already purchased Power Treads will work wonders with the ability.

His level 25 is also broken

(Image via Valve)
(Image via Valve)

But that’s not all! Meepos level 25 talent Pack Rat allows you to equip any item in the Neutral Item slot. This has seen full build Meepos go with builds that include an extra utility item you might not usually have space for, such as a Bloodthorn, Heart of Tarrasque, or Silver Edge. Honestly this talent sometimes feels like a bit of a bait. But don’t worry because…

Pros are good enough to not throw on Meepo

We think? There’s a lot of losses in that Pro Tracker page. And Meepo’s Aghanim’s Shard is quite literally a “press button to throw the game” ability, that causes Meepo clones to hurl him into the enemy team. 

Meepo overall is just such an entertaining hero to watch, and we want to see him at TI11. With all the broken picks like Undying, Marci, and Primal Beast floating around, seeing something like Meepo would be hugely entertaining. And we think that someone will break the Geomancer out soon.