WEU DPC sees infinite tiebreakers among Tundra Esports, OG, and Entity cover image

WEU DPC sees infinite tiebreakers among Tundra Esports, OG, and Entity


The Lima Major pursuit continues..

The Dota 2 dimension is currently stuck in a tiebreaker purgatory as three teams square off in an infinite loop. Western Europe (WEU) is known for being heavily concentrated, but this season sees something beyond expectations. We are witnessing one of the most epic final battles of Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) as Tundra Esports, OG, and Entity battle in circles for the two remaining slots in the Lima Major.

New WEU DPC tiebreaker rules lead to infinite games

The Tour 1 DPC for WEU Division I is coming to an end. Team Liquid and Gaimin Gladiators, placed top 2, securing their slots in the upcoming Lima Major. Now WEU is left with two final slots, but three teams hold the same score.

WEU DPC Tour 1 Div I Standings
WEU DPC Tour 1 Div I Standings

Previously, tiebreakers would take into account head-to-head scores. If a team has lesser losses, it will stand higher in the ranking. However, this is not the case for this season's tiebreakers as PGL has updated the rules to disregard head-to-head scores.

WEU DPC tiebreakers continue tomorrow

With all three teams - Tundra Esports, OG, and Entity holding the same overall scoreline, they will have to play against each other in the WEU DPC tiebreakers. But the first round sees a loop with all teams scoring 1-0, thus we have no winners and losers. The teams clash it out in the second round but the results were once again the same.

UPDATE: Due to the loop, PGL postpones the rest of the tiebreakers to Tuesday at 06:00 PM CET (1:00 AM SGT).

WEU DPC Tiebreakers results

The tie finally breaks! TI11 champions, Tundra Esports escape the infinite tiebreaker loop. The team secure the third slot in Lima Major after a brilliant 2-0 performance in the third round of tiebreakers.

Entity grabs the final Lima Major slot, winning against OG in the final part of the tiebreakers.

This is the current result of the ongoing WEU DPC tiebreakers:

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Tundra [1-0] OG
Tundra [1-0] OG
Tundra [1-0] OG
Tundra [0-1] Entity
Tundra [0-1] Entity
Tundra [1-0] Entity
OG [1-0] Entity
OG [1-0] Entity
Entity [1-0] OG

Watch the WEU DPC tiebreakers on PGL's Twitch channel.

WEU is more stacked than ever

This region just won't stop slowing down. Everyone knows of the vigorous scene in WEU, however, this year sees the region grow insanely competitive. It is to the point that the TI finalists, Team Secret, has been absolutely wrecked and has fallen into the relegation zone. Yes, that's right. We'll see the TI11 runner-up competing in Division II for the next season.

These tiebreakers also mark the close contest in WEU, where teams go in circles to grab the coveted Major slots. Will we see the final teams qualify for the Lima Major soon or will there be another round of tiebreakers?

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