Valve officially announces that EEU DPC will be indefinitely postponed amidst the war in Ukraine.

Valve's latest blogpost welcomes the Spring Tour DPC which is set to commence on March 14, but together with the exciting news, comes a disheartening announcement. The Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) for the Eastern European (EEU) region had to be indefinitely postponed due to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

This isn't the first mention of the postponement. Initially, the region's organizer, Epic Esports Events (EPICENTER) revealed that the Spring Tour DPC for the region has been postponed indefinitely.

As we approach the end of the offseason, Valve finally released an official statement regarding the situation of EEU DPC. They revealed that considering the circumstances in Ukraine, it is not possible to host the circuit for the CIS region.

As the terrible suffering caused by the war in Ukraine unfolds, we do not see a way that the Eastern European DPC league can happen as envisioned for the foreseeable future, and it was with much regret that we recently had to postpone the Spring Tour in one of the community's most vibrant and storied regions.

They also highlighted that there are ongoing efforts to make it possible for the EEU players to compete in the DPC.

We are engaging directly with all of the teams and players in the league to see what their individual situations are and whether there might be ways that we could proceed.

The CIS region is one of the most storied regions in the Dota 2 sphere. They hold numerous bunch of professional players, including the first TI winners and even the most recent one at TI10. The players and organizations are a huge part of the community and their absence will heavily impact the scene. Although it is upsetting, Valve's decision is understandable considering the circumstances.

The Spring Tour DPC is on the horizon

The second DPC season of the year, the Spring Tour DPC will kick off across the globe on March 14. As a result of EEU DPC's postponement, only 5 regions instead of 6 will be competing in the DPC.

  • North America (NA)
  • South America (SA)
  • Western Europe (WEU)
  • China (CN)
  • Southeast Asia (SEA)

The Spring Tour is the last DPC season before the first Major takes place in Stockholm, Sweden. These are crucial events to determine who will attend The International 11. Thus, the indefinite delay of EEU DPC might lead to some worrying issues. Nevertheless, we will have to wait for coming announcements from Valve. This announcement also comes with a Fantasy Dota update which you can find here.

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