ESL just announced the next Dota 2 Major, ESL ONE Stockholm Major 2022! Here is all the information about the Major so far.

ESL just announced the next Dota 2 Major – ESL One Stockholm Major that will see a live crowd for the first time since 2020. This event holds a $500,000 USD prize pool and will take place in Hovet Arena, Stockholm, Sweden from 20 – 22 May 2022. It also offers a hefty 3,530 DPC points up for grabs!

After 2 years of empty stadiums and artificial hype – we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. The Dota 2 stage will no longer be plain without the presence of the roaring crowd and the passionate cheers. In 3 months, the Hovet Arena in Stockholm will welcome fans around the world to spectate some exciting Dota.

Dota 2 teams’ reactions on Twitter – ESL One Stockholm Major 2022

What is the format of the ESL One Stockholm Major 2022?

According to ESL’s website, the format of the Major will be as follows:

ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 Format

The group stage will divide 18 teams into 2 groups of 9 where they will play a BO2 Round Robins. The top 4 of each group proceed to the Upper Bracket, meanwhile, the 5 – 6th placings go to the Lower Bracket.

The Playoffs will take place in the Hovet Arena, Stockholm. It will be a Double Elimination Playoffs with the Grand Final being a BO5.

What are the rewards?

The prize pool of the Major is $500,000 USD which is the same as the standard Majors so far. Teams can also get a slice of the 3,530 DPC points.

ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 Prize Pool and DPC Points

How much are the tickets to the ESL One Stockholm Major?

ESL revealed that fans can get their tickets on Thursday, 5pm CET. Tickets are sold with 3 options:

Premium Ticket: 215 USD

  • Access on all 3 days
  • Floor seating (closest to players)
  • Exclusive Goodie Bag
  • Exclusive Premium Badge

Plus Ticket: 151 USD

  • Access on all 3 days
  • Free seating in the ranks
  • Exclusive Goodie Bag

Weekend Ticket: 97 USD

  • Access on all 3 days
  • Free seating in the ranks

Will ESL One Stockholm Major be THE event that ends our wait?

The Leipzig Major 2020

This is definitely exciting news, however, it can’t be blamed when Dota 2 fans feel skeptical about celebrating. There were way too many false hopes that not only broke hearts but also pockets!

The last Dota 2 Major that witnessed a live crowd was the Leipzig Major in January 2020. Following that event, we were supposed to see the highly-anticipated LA (Los Angeles) Major. However, it was canceled after cases of COVID-19 ramped up and the world went into a state of a pandemic.

Dota 2 fans have longed for the chance to see a live event once more. And for fans that spectate from home, the hype of the audience is something to always look forward to. Hopes went up when The International 10 opened up attendance in Bucharest, Romania. Tickets were bought and fans flew from all over the world, but it was again, canceled after a spike of COVID-19 cases in the region. Recently, fans were brought with another disappointment. The first Major of the 2021-2022 DPC season was canceled right before the Regional Leagues ended – and it caused a lot of grief.

Nevertheless, this is great news for the community and it might finally be the event where nothing goes wrong. Today we rejoice!

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