TI10 True Sight chat wheels are now available for Battle Pass users cover image

TI10 True Sight chat wheels are now available for Battle Pass users

Battle Pass users can now unlock up to 12 chat wheels from the TI10 True Sight! And no, there is no “wash your face” chat wheel.

It's time to spam some new, fresh chat wheels! Valve just launched the TI10 True Sight voiceline package for all Battle Pass users, comprising 12 phrases from the just-released documentary. Battle Pass users get one random chat wheel by default and can unlock more with higher levels.

Here are the 12 chat wheels that are now available:

You can listen to the chat wheels from the video below.

The TI10 True Sight package comprise six Russian phrases, five Chinese, and one English. All of the chat wheels are either phrases by Team Spirit or PSG.LGD from the documentary. For example, the fourth Russian chat wheel (Капец вы крейзи, парни. Ну ладно) says: "Damn you guys are crazy. OK." - a phrase by Miroslaw "Mira" Kolpakov during the Game 5 draft.

There were many moments from True Sight that fans hoped to be turned into chat wheels. The moment when Zhang "xiao8" Ning told Zhao "XinQ" Zixing to wash his face is perhaps the most demanded one, followed by Faith_bian's 'Wah!' Unfortunately, both of these didn't make it to the chat wheel package.

What are the translations for True Sight chat wheels?

Many Dota 2 fans who can't speak Russian and Chinese are curious about the translations. Here is a list of the meaning and the context of the chat wheels (Translations courtesy of escorenews.com):

  1. Самая тупая смерть в жизни просто : This would be the dumbest death possible, hands down. [Team Spirit jokes when Mira almost hit the camera]
  2. А чё, мы выиграли, что ли? : What, did we really win? [Mira said after Game 1 victory]
  3. Заходит улитка в бар! : A snail walks into a bar! [Collapse said when returning to his team]
  4. Капец вы крейзи, парни. Ну ладно : You are damn crazy guys. Whatever. [Mira said in G5 draft after the team decided to give Tiny to PSG.LGD]
  5. Добрый вечер, я Интернешнел выиграл : Good evening, I won The International [Collapse on a phone call]
  6. Блин, ты очень умно придумал : Damn, such a smart idea. [Mira said sarcastically after Spirit suggested his exact draft idea that was rejected]
  7. Uh, my keyboard is not working. [Collapse said to the marshall during G4 draft]
  8. 每一把都当最后一把,然后也不要怕输 : Treat every game like this is your last one, don't be afraid of losing [xiao8's pep talk]
  9. 没有打次瞉了吗?哦冷却  : No more tips? Oh, it's on cooldown. [Faith_bian said about in-game tips]
  10. 3, 2, 1…加油 : 3, 2, 1... Let's go! [PSG.LGD cheered]
  11. 可以啊 : This is doable. [Ame said during draft]
  12. Moo-lah! [Faith_bian said after getting bombarded by tips]

How to unlock more chat wheels?

For the chat wheels to be available for you, you must first purchase the Battle Pass. Once you own the Battle Pass, you will earn one random True Sight chat wheel at Level 1.

From then on, you'll have to achieve higher levels to unlock more. You can level up your BP by grinding your weekly quests or you can save some time by purchasing levels. The next True Sight chat wheel rewards after Level 1 are on: Level 63, Level 94, 169, 199, 238, 269 - and it goes on.

You can unlock more chat wheels by leveling up your Battle Pass.
You can unlock more chat wheels by leveling up your Battle Pass.

You can check how many chat wheels from the True Sight edition you own by going to Settings > Hotkeys > Customize Chat Wheels. If you haven't seen the TI10 True Sight, you can check out the documentary on Dota 2's YouTube Channel.

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