The International is esports most lucrative tournament. But what is the prize pool looking like for TI11 right now?

The International 2022, TI11, is here, and with it comes the incredible prize pool. TI has had some truly incredible prize pools over the years, although 2022’s is expected to fall much shorter than the previous edition. But what exactly is the current TI11 prize pool?

TI11 Prize Pool Amount

As per the Dota 2 Prize Pool Tracker, the final total Prize Pool for TI11 is $18,930,775.

This is significantly less than the International 2021’s $40,018,195.

What is the first place prize money amount  for TI11?

(Image via Valve)
(Image via Valve)

The previous few years, the prize pool distribution has seen around 45.5% of the total prize pool go to first place. This year, the amount will apparently be 45% of the total prize pool. With the final amount, that would make the first place prize for TI11 $8,518,822.

Lets compare that to previous events first place prize:

  • The International 10 – $18.2 million for first place
  • The International 9 – $15.6 million for first place
  • The International 8 – $11.2 million for first place
  • The International 7 – $10.8 million for first place
  • The International 6 – $9.1 million for first place

Why has the prize pool shrunk so much?

The TI prize pool is made up of a 1.6 million dollar contribution from Valve, which is supplemented by 25% of all sales from The International 2022 Battle pass up until the conclusion of the event.

This year’s TI prize pool has had a few issues behind it. A disappointing battle pass with lots of missing features on release, a late Battle Point bundle release, and the overall shorter length that it will run has all contributed to the first drop in Prize Pool in Dota 2 history.

TI11 will still be one of the most lucrative and highest prize pool esports events of all time. However, it seems Valve has stopped attempting to compete with themselves for that accolade. In the top 10 highest prize pool events of all time, Valve holds the top spot, with only the Fortnite World Cup in 2015 coming close. 

Image via Esports Earnings
Image via Esports Earnings

TI11 has already become the seventh largest Prize Pool in esports history. Regardless of if it beats previous prize pools, it will easily dwarf any game not called Dota 2 in how lucrative the tournament is.

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