The International 10 was already a record-breaking tournament after Team Spirit’s outrageous victory. And now TI10 has beaten viewership records as well!

TI10 viewership broke records across almost every streaming service according to data platform Esports Charts. The world championship event for Dota 2 surpassed most measurable metrics for viewership on Twitch and YouTube, peaking at over 2.7 million viewers.

This height of 2.7 million viewers was, of course, for the Grand Finals, and exceeded TI9’s Grand Finals by 37%. Around 800,000 more viewers tuned in to watch Team Spirit defeat PSG.LGD than watched Team Liquid and OG clash in 2019.

TI10 Viewership Comparison (image via Esports Charts)
TI10 Viewership Comparison (image via Esports Charts)

Incredible CIS TI10 Viewership

Perhaps unsurprisingly this event became the most-viewed Dota 2 event ever the CIS region. Russian-speaking Streams peaked at 1.2 million concurrent viewers, and the even also became the most popular esports event of all time by hours-watched in the region. The CIS region alone watched 41.2 million hours of TI10 action. This is from over 107 million total hours watched worldwide.

These viewership figures peaked on not just a single platform but three. YouTube, Twitch, and in-client DotaTV viewers all peaked. Twitch hit 1.7 million concurrent viewers, YouTube hit 662.4k, and 188k viewers tuned in to watch in-client.

On Twitch especially, it became the one of the most watched Russian-language streams ever, surpassing IEM Katowice 2020’s stream by 112%. It seems obvious, but when CIS teams are playing in finals, the region and its fans can turn out in their millions to watch.

TI10 Viewership vital statistics (image via Esports Charts)
TI10 Viewership vital statistics (image via Esports Charts)

TI10 the 3rd most viewed esports event in history

Overall TI10 is now one of the top-three most popular esports events in history if measured by the Hours Watched metric. However, with League of Legends more than month-long Worlds 2021 event set to hit its stride later in October, there’s a good chance TI10 viewership won't hold this accolade for long.

Even so, despite a seeming non-fan favorite team in the grand finals, no live crowd, and many issues plaguing TI10, the events viewership points to one of the most successful Dota 2 events of all time. For more esports related stats, you can follow Esports Charts on Twitter.

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