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Twitch experiments with Live Viewer Feedback

Twitch launches a limited-time experiment in which viewers can give anonymous (positive) feedback to creators.

Twitch is testing a new feature that allows chat to give anonymous positive feedback. Selected Twitch Affiliate channels will participate in this experiment in which viewers can opt to provide their feedback on the creator. Let's go over how this works.

How to give feedback on Twitch?

Viewers will be able to give to select between 1 and 3 checkboxes to provide positive feedback to Twitch Affiliates. The feedback survey button will show by the Follow and Subscribe icons. 

During this experiment, viewers of participating Twitch Affiliate channels can show the creator some love by highlighting positive attributes. Furthermore, only registered users can participate in this limited-time experiment. These are the options viewers can submit as feedback to creators.

Twitch Feedback Form
Twitch Feedback Form

Surveys can be completed once per channel, and viewers can’t edit them after submission. Worth to mention that this feedback will be anonymous, and the creator will not be able to trace back the feedback submitted.

During this experiment, viewers will only be able to give feedback captured by the survey checkboxes. Twitch has confirmed that there will not be comment boxes for feedback or something similar for the time being.

Creators and the Feedback experiment

This limited-time Twitch experiment will be able to select Affiliate channels only. To know if you are part of them, you can check if you have the Live Viewers Feedback survey button on their Twitch channels. Twitch will send creators weekly emails with a summary of the survey results.

Feedback Summary: Dedication
Feedback Summary: Dedication
Feedback Summary: Skill
Feedback Summary: Skill

For now, this experiment has limited participation for randomly selected users. There are no application forms to request to join the testing of the feature.

One thing that it’s important to mention is that, at this time, channels can not opt out of this Feedback experiment. Twitch suggests creators toggle Creator emails off to not receive Live Viewer Feedback notifications.

Twitch aspires to help creators “better understand the meaningful impact of their content”. Will this feedback experiment offset the negativity or toxicity of part of Twitch Chat, at least in the eyes of the creators?

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