With the International 10 coming up, we look at the North American teams representing the region this October! While EG and Quincy Crew can make deep runs, don’t forget Team Undying. The Dark Horse can truly spoil some hopes at TI10.

After a cancellation and a delay, Dota 2's biggest event is finally upon us. Many great teams will be representing their respective regions at TI10, an event that features a massive $40 million prize pool. Here in the North America region, there are some teams that seem to have a real shot of winning this year. Here are the teams representing North America and their journey to reach The International 10.

The International Veterans: Evil Geniuses

The Evil Geniuses Dota 2 roster. Image Credit: EG Twitter.
The Evil Geniuses Dota 2 roster. Image Credit: EG Twitter.

Perhaps the most well-known of the teams, Evil Geniuses went from being down in the dumps to the top of the world. It all started with their incorporation of two SEA legends, offlaner Daryl Koh "iceiceice" Pei Xiang and midlaner “Abed” Azel L. Yusop. Though dominating the first season of the DPC, nobody particularly expected this team to rise so far, especially in a region many argue is less competitive than say EU or China. Not quite so.

EG smashed their way through the upper bracket of the Singapore major only losing in the finals to a reverse sweep by IG in the now infamous question mark incident. Still finishing well in the second DPC season, EG was able to power through the lower bracket of the Animajor to get to the finals. There they lost 3-0 to the Chinese powerhouses PSG.LGD. There will be a lot of expectation on EG at The International 10, let us see if they perform.

The Up-and-Comers: Quincy Crew

Quincy Crew - The most consistent team in North America. Image Credit: Quincy Crew's Twitter.
Quincy Crew - The most consistent team in North America. Image Credit: Quincy Crew's Twitter.

While not having as much success on the international stage as EG, Quincy Crew have been one of the most consistent teams in North America. They’ve have had some incredible bad luck in TI brackets, coming up against the reigning champion OG both times. During the DPC, they finished in second and then first place respectively. In the Singapore Major, Quincy eked by in the group stage and got knocked out first round in a 2-1 series against CIS superstars Virtus Pro.

Coming off the back of this disappointing finish, Quincy Crew were able to beat every single upper bracket team in the NA DPC. They finished a little better this time, getting past the first round and then losing to T1 in the upper bracket and Vici Gaming in the lower. Quincy Crew is a team with nothing to prove in the region, but still a lot to prove on the International stage.

The North America Dark Horses: Undying

Undying are a paradoxically young and old team. This current squad just formed at the start of the first DPC season but are made up of a bunch of Dota veterans. Led by team captain David “Moonmeander” Tan, the team made a strong showing in the first season of the DPC, forcing a three-way tiebreaker between themselves, EG and Quincy Crew.

Though unfortunately they were not successful in making either major, the team has looked good in other tournaments, most recently even taking a game off of one of the favorites to win, PSG.LGD. Their most impressive run being their undefeated streak in the TI qualifiers. This team is perhaps the wildcard out of all the NA teams, so we’ll see what they can do against the best of the best!

These three teams represent the best of North America and it could be anyone’s game at this International. Make sure you watch and support your favorites this October 7th to 17th!

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Featured Image Credit: Oneesports.