Everything you need to know about The International 2024 ticket sales.

The International 2024 already has a set of dates, venue, and format laid out. But the ticket sales has yet to take place. Here's everything you need to know about The International 2024 ticket sales including prices, packages, date, seatings, and where you can make the purchase.

The International 2024 summary:

The International 2024 ticket prices

Valve announced the prices for single-day and multi-day tickets for The International 2024. Take a look at the prices in both USD and DKK (Danish Krone) currencies.

Price (USD)
Price (DKK)
Sept 13
Friday only
Sept 14
Saturday only
Sept 15
Sunday only
Sept 13 - 14
Friday + Saturday
Sept 14 - 15
Saturday + Sunday
Sept 13 - 15
Friday + Saturday + Sunday

Where to purchase The International 2024 tickets

As per usual, Valve will host The International 2024 ticket sales via Ticketmaster. If you're planning to purchase TI 2024 tickets, make sure to bookmark the site and be on standby as there will be a lot of people (and notorious scalpers) queueing for tickets. You can go to the website here.

When will The International 2024 ticket sales go live?

The International 2024 ticket sales begins on June 10th at 10:00 AM CEST. Here are more time zones for when the ticket sales go live:

Pacific Time (PT)
1:00 AM [June 9]
Eastern Standard Time (EST)
4:00 AM [June 9]
Singapore Standard Time (SGT)
4:00 PM
Indian Standard Yime (IST)
1:30 PM
Japan Standard Time (JST)
5:00 PM
Australia Standard Time (AEST)
6:00 PM

Seating arrangement

(Image via Ticketmaster)
(Image via Ticketmaster)

From the Ticketmaster site, an overview of the TI 2024 seating layout is shown. This is the layout for the Royal Arena in Coppenhagen, Denmark. As you can see, there are floor seatings directly in front of the stage followed by layers of seating spanning to the back of the arena.

The tickets for floor seating are assigned. You can book your seats during ticket purchase. Other seats in the arena are General Admissions which means you can go for any available seats you prefer.

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