The International 2022 Battle Pass keeps expanding as Dota 2 player and team stickers have arrived in the game for you to collect!

The Coming Soon™ Battle Pass has delivered on another one of its promises today as Dota 2 player stickers arrive in-game. The International 2022 Stickers have arrived, giving you the ability to collect and support your favorite teams, on-air talents, and players. 

(Image via Valve)
(Image via Valve)

50% of sticker capsule sales are distributed evenly to all teams and talent included in the capsule. This allows you to spam support for your favs, or at least the ones within the same capsule set.

What do the Dota 2 Stickers Do?

The Sticker set acts like a virtual collection. Opening capsules gives you a single sticker of one of four rarities: Basic, Glitter, Holo, and Gold. Gold is the rarest, and Basic, is well, basic.

You can then affix your stickers to you collection. If you complete a full row (as in the whole team, plus their team logo sticker) you can claim some Battle Points. In total, there are up to 15,000 Battle Points you can earn from stickers.

It also doesn’t matter if you duplicate rows of the same team. Want 30 rows of OG stickers? A little weird… but you can! And you’ll earn 1,000BP for the first completed row, 3,000 for five, 5000 for ten, and for 30 full completed rows, a whopping 7,000 battle points.

Show off your Dota 2 Sticker Collection in-game!

You can also show off your stickers in-game by sticking them to your favorite heroes and having them displayed in the Versus and MVP screens. While it might be presumptuous to stick your Collapse sticker to Magnus, if you're confident in your abilities, why not! You can do this in the Hero page of the client.

But why stickers?

Honestly, this is complete nostalgia bait for kids who used to spend their time collecting Panini Football Stickers, or Baseball cards, or whatever. Collecting your favorite players, and supporting at the same time is such a unique way of creating something completely intangible but oddly appealing.

What’s more, you can trade the stickers on the market place, and some of the Gold stickers are already going for large amounts of money. However, prices are plummeting fast and whether these stickers are actually worth something on the Steam Marketplace remains to be seen. Still, this is a fun distraction, and another reason why this Battle Pass is slowly living up to expectations.

Complete details of the Stickers, how to collect, and more are available on Valve's official post.