Two teams have suffered losses due to internet issues in Romania.

The second day of DreamLeague Season 23 Playoffs witnessed multiple teams facing internet issues. This affected teams that are currently playing in Romania as its internet experiences a country-wide network disruption. Aurora and HEROIC are the two teams that are affected so far.

Aurora and HEROIC suffer inevitable forfeits

The first series of the day saw Aurora take on BetBoom Team in the Lower Bracket. In the third game, Aurora experienced lags and mass-disconnected from the game. A one-hour-long pause follows and Aurora ultimately forfeited from the deciding match, suffering elimination from DreamLeague Season 23.

Aurora's general manager alerted that "the entire [internet service provide] network went down" and that the internet issues are also affecting other teams in other bootcamps. Most of the teams in DreamLeague Season 23 are fresh off competing in PGL Wallachia which took place in Romania.

The next series sees similar internet issues affecting HEROIC. The South American team was ready to take on Azure Ray in the Lower Bracket of DreamLeague Season 23. But after a lengthy wait, HEROIC also announced their forfeit from the first game of the series.

These losses are more than unfortunate, especially as it hit the underdogs of the tournament. HEROIC has now found a solution and are able to play the next game in the series. If HEROIC fails to win the second game, this will be the second elimination on a team that experienced Romania internet issues.

Watch the live game on ESL's Twitch / YouTube here. You can check out the Playoffs schedule and results below.