An unfortunate incident.

Aurora was forced to forfeit an important match in DreamLeague Season 23 which resulted in their elimination. During a crucial point in their series, Aurora suffered internet issues. With no solutions, they had to bow out of the series, departing DreamLeague Season 23 in 7th-8th place.

Aurora forfeits deciding match against BetBoom Team

(Image via PGL)
(Image via PGL)

In the Lower Bracket of DreamLeague Season 23, Aurora matched against Eastern Europe's juggernaut BetBoom Team. The winner would advance to the top 6 of the tournament, while the loser gets eliminated. It was an important series and Aurora was close to victory.

The series sees the first win going into BetBoom's hands. But Aurora managed to even out the score, winning the second game in only 26 minutes. The third game sees a tougher fight.

Approaching the 70-minute mark, BetBoom held the networth advantage. The map was equal on both sides and kill advantage leaned slightly to BetBoom. But as it was the late game, anything could have happened. Even a forfeit.

By 70 minutes, Aurora struggled with internet issues. At first the team paused due to "lags" and then 23 also mentioned that their Discords were down. The team mass-disconnected from the game and the pause extended to almost an hour long. Aurora failed to reconnect and it eventually ended with a forfeit.

Aurora reveals the reason behind forfeit

After the heartbreaking elimination, Aurora's general manager posted a statement regarding their situation. He revealed that the entire [Internet Service Provider] network went down and that there was nothing they could have done. He also mentioned that some other teams in other bootcamps are also affected.

"The entire isp network went down. There is nothing we can do. Good luck to all remaining teams. Some of them are in another bootcamp with no internet as well," Eric Khor, Aurora's general manager, posted.

Aurora and most other teams are currently bootcamping in Romania, which was the location for PGL Wallachia's LAN event. Due to the small window in between the tournaments, teams remain in the country to continue competing in the online DreamLeague Season 23.

Southeast Asia's Aurora looked solid coming into DreamLeague Season 23. They had just bagged a top 8 placement in PGL Wallachia and they seemed on momentum to climb even higher this time around.

Unfortunately Aurora had to suffer an inevitable elimination. The team departs DreamLeague Season 23 with another top 8 finish. On the other hand, BetBoom Team advances to top 6 of the event. Check out the Playoffs schedule and results below!