Division I team of EEU DPC, Team Unique receives a technical defeat after suddenly changing their team name.

There seemed to be a bit of a problem for Team Unique during the Eastern European (EEU) Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) that took place on 11 December. Before the team’s match against HellRaisers, the organizer in charge of the EEU DPC, Epic Esports Events (EPICENTER) revealed that Team Unique had changed their team name without notice.

Team Unique had changed its team name and clan tag to “Mind Games” and only informed the organizers before the start of the series. By doing so, the team will not be able to play the match against HellRaisers, because their previous team name was the one registered to play in the DPC.

In light of the issue, EPICENTER requested Valve’s instructions but received no response. So they went by the rulebook, and according to the set rules,

The team that delays the scheduled start of the first map for 25 minutes gets technical defeat, and in the case of a delay of 40 minutes, loses the entire match.

Epic Esports Events

The team ended up getting a technical defeat for the first game against HellRaisers – likely because they failed to revert back to their previous team name. Later on, they managed to come about for the second match, which wrapped up under 25 minutes in favor of HellRaisers.

Team Unique have yet to address the matter

Throughout the whole incident, Team Unique and its players;

  • Maxim “7jesu” Senchinevich
  • Rostislav “fn” Lozovoi 
  • Uladzislau “Petushara” Kazlouski
  • Danil “Bignum” Shekhovtsov
  • Semion “CemaTheSlayer” Krivulya

-have not spoken out about the issue. So far, there is no information as to why the team suddenly wanted to change the team name.

Before this matchup, they have played their first DPC series against Team Spirit and lost 0-2. Following their loss to HellRaisers, Team Unique now places bottom in the standings of Division I. 

Team Unique’s next 3 matches in DPC;

  • vs Virtus.Pro (Currently 6th with 0-1)
  • vs NAVI (Currently 5th with 1-1)
  • vs PuckChamp (Currently 3rd with 2-1)

The team’s next series will be on December 16 against Virtus.Pro. We’ll have to see if the team decides to stick to their current team name or choose to change it.

You can refer to more details of Division I EEU DPC here.

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