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Team Spirit vs Tundra Esports | Lima Major Group Stage live results and match recap

TI10 champion vs TI11 champion – who takes the crown in this Lima Major Group Stage series? Keep track of the live results here!

The Dota 2 Lima Major enters the third day of the grueling Group Stage. Today, we will witness a TI champion showdown in Group A and it'll be the Team Spirit vs Tundra Esports BO2 series. Can Team Spirit grab a win to gift Collapse a sweet birthday gift - or will Tundra Esports claim the win that they desperately need to survive? The series might even see an anti-climatic end with a 1-1 tie. If you want to join in on the epic clash hype, keep track of the live results and match recap here!

Team Spirit vs Tundra Esports results

Team 1
Team 2
Team Spirit (W)
Tundra Esports
Team 1
Kill Score
Team 2
Team Spirit (W)
Tundra Esports
Team Spirit (W)
Tundra Esports

So far, Lima Major has seen plenty of surprises. Chinese teams have flunked hard in the first three days and SEA teams have surprisingly performed. Specifically in this Team Spirit vs Tundra Esports series, Tundra has a lot more to lose.

Team Spirit looks good but not nearly good enough. The team lost a series against Gaimin Gladiators, and bagged two solid wins and three ties. Their performance looks great so far but they have also been caught making careless decisions that cost them games. Today, Team Spirit saw an upset as they tied against EHOME, the bottom team in Group A.

Tundra Esports, on the other hand, is having a rough time in Group A. The TI11 champions suffered three series losses against Gaimin Gladiators, Evil Geniuses, and PSG.LGD. But after a win against Talon Esports today, Tundra sees a ray of hope. The team can possibly enter the top ranks if they secure one more series win against Team Spirit.

Group A standings (Updated)

Here are the current standings of Group A.

Where to watch

You can spectate the live broadcast on EPULZE's Twitch channel. We have embedded the livestream below.

Team Spirit vs Tundra Esports: A one-sided debacle

This series between the two recent TI champions, Team Spirit and Tundra Esports, was unexpectedly heavily one-sided. In the first game, Team Spirit rode on an unstoppable tempo, crushing the early game and snowballing to end the game at the 41-minute mark.

Collapse's Nature's Spirit accumulated a high net worth lead and was actively putting pressure on the opponent, halting them from recovering. This game also sees an interesting Centaur Warrunner on Miposhka, who picked up items like Blink Dagger and Vladimir's Offering.

Game two was no different. Team Spirit absolutely read Tundra's movement, snowballing quick from the very start. Larl played a second Ember Spirit in the series, showing an impressive performance on the hero. In this series, he scored a total of 24/1/27 KDA.

The game ended at minute 30 with a 20K net worth lead for Team Spirit. The game culminated with a cool stunt by Mira's Rubick, who stole Snapfire's Lil' Shredder to shoot down Phoenix's egg.

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