Team Spirit bounces back in an amazing reverse sweep against Team Secret. They now move to the Grand Finals to meet Dota 2 titans, PSG.LGD.

It is the final day of The International 10 and we are steadily approaching the peak of the championship. Yesterday, Team Secret faced a punishing loss against the Chinese powerhouse, PSG.LGD 0-2 and dropped to the Lower Bracket. Team Spirit was on an incredible Lower Bracket spree and it defeated Invictus Gaming 2-0. Both teams met in the Lower Bracket Finals and delivered to the audience a spectacular series.

Team Spirit can’t handle Secret’s aggression

Team Secret had a strong draft coming into the first game, putting zai on a meta Magnus and Elder Titan as a position 5. We witnessed Team Spirit settling for the comfort duo, IO and Mars. Spirit also proved Yatoro’s versatile hero pool as they picked Spectre for the 18-year-old, a different hero for 13 games in a row.

In the first game, Secret managed to secure many early pick-offs across the map. The whole team was a nuisance to Spirit. Zai executed beautiful Reverse Polarities, Nisha on his slippery Void Spirit kited his opponents, and a scary Terrorblade on Secret’s side proved too difficult for the underdogs. 

Team Spirit attempted multiple fights which initially seemed in favor of the team. But Secret’s decision-making endured its eager opponent’s fights and they came out on top for most encounters. Yapzor’s Rubick was also a big factor to control Spirit’s game as he managed to capture a valuable set of spells.

Team Secret closed the game convincingly with a 29k net worth lead in 39 minutes. Team Spirit now has their back against the wall and they will fight for their lives in the tournament.

Team Spirit Bounces Back

In the second game, Team Secret opted for the Juggernaut and Magnus combo, plus a Grimstroke on Yapzor as a cherry on top. Team Spirit went for the Morphling and Dark Willow duo, while also drafting a signature Kunkka for TORONTOTOKYO. 

The early game was a slightly better start for Team Spirit, as they secured better kills and led the net worth chart. 

But they showed respect to Secret’s teamfight potential as they maneuvered across the map carefully. A couple of SOD pick-offs and minor engagements took place throughout the mid-game. But one snowballing fight witnessed a net worth swing in favor of Team Secret.

The squad then played cautiously around their base, as Secret was slowly riding its momentum . Unfortunately for Team Secret, a beautiful ward at Spirit’s bot high-ground allowed an opportunity for Spirit to turn the game around.

The team, as they saw a chance to force a game three, went to Secret’s high ground and started attacking the tier fours. Secret could not protect its base with only Void Spirit and two supports holding the game. Game two concluded as Secret’s Ancient was destroyed.

Can Team Spirit solve the Tiny-Lycan problem?

The deciding match saw Team Secret pulling out the Tiny and Lycan duo, a scary combination we witnessed throughout the tournament. The early game was even as both teams took their time to buff up their carries. Yatoro, on a Sven was heavily-farmed, but his teammates were further down the net worth chart. After Team Secret reached its timings, they transformed Tiny into a fervent wolf hybrid and started hunting for its opponents. But Team Spirit proved that they indeed have an answer to the deadly combo.

Team Secret attempted to balance the gap and in a couple of engagements, it seemed decent for the team.

Yatoro secures his third Rampage on TI stage

But Team Spirit showed no fear. With a mix of Collapse’s timely Skewers, Miposhka’s Winter’s Curses, and the rest of the team’s wonderful synergy, they managed to step up to Team Secret. In one crucial teamfight, they wiped out the Dota 2 veterans off the map, awarding another Rampage to the magnificent Yatoro. Without any buybacks on Team Secret, Spirit marched towards its opponents’ base and ended the game.

The underdog story continues as Team Spirit, a team from the CIS qualifiers, emerges to the Grand Finals of TI10. After a powerful run through the Lower Bracket, they are finally here to conclude the championship. But will the underdogs complete their happy ending by defeating the Dota 2 titans, PSG.LGD? We will find out soon in a BO5 Grand Finals later today!

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