After a crucial win against Tundra Esports, Liquid offlaner Zai talked to the panel about the team’s in game thoughts, and how they keep morale up!

It was an exciting day in the WEU DPC as Liquid were able to strike back against one of the top teams in the region. After having a rough start to the tour, Liquid seem to be bouncing back, and in incredible fashion against Tundra Esports. In an insane game 1, Tundra looked as if it had Liquid on the ropes. After a clutch Sonic Wave from Michael "miCKe" Vu, it turned the game around for Liquid to snatch the victory. Still, Tundra fought back hard in game two with a phenomenal performance from Neta "33" Shapira on the Death Prophet. In game three, Liquid sped up the pace of the game, letting Lasse Aukusti "MATUMBAMAN" Urpalainen go to town on his signature Lone Druid. In the end, Liquid came out on top, putting them in a relatively good position to advance to the Major should they defeat Gamin Gladiators.

Zai's thoughts on the clutch game 1

The panel was able to get an interview with Ludwig "zai" Wåhlberg, offlaner for Liquid. The panel asked about the shift in their demeanor in game 3 from giggling to being more serious. Zai responded "I mean I think we struggled to play the map a little bit. They were playing on sidelanes and we couldn't really deal with the illusions, but I think we were all confident in our position in the game." He added: "We just needed to close the game out."

Zai positive on Underlord

He was then asked about whether or not Underlord was a good hero. Zai said, "Absolutely, I love it this patch actually." He followed up, "after playing it a little and tinkering with the new ultimate I think you have a lot of plays with this hero, he's really cool and fun." He did however say "no Aghs" for the hero after being asked. Zai thinks that the hero will be picked by Liquid in the future: "we couldn't pick it this game... I think it has potential and Ammar showed that it works."

Talking about Morale

The panel next asked about what went through the team's heads during the end of the nail-biter of game 1. He said, " I think we all thought, at least I thought, we probably lost, but then when people go high ground, there's a lot of things that can happen. Praising his teammate, zai said "I think micke kinda saved the game with his Sonic Wave in that last fight when he kinda pushed people into the chrono. He followed: "I think we out-executed them at the time, high ground's risky, we almost threw our game against Entity the other day... Yeah, happy for the high ground today!"

"I think it has potential and Ammar shows that it works."

Zai on Underlord

The panel then asked about who boosts team morale the most during a game. Zai noted, "I think INsania has to do it cause he's the captain. I feel like if he's despairing then it's a lost cause for all of us. He followed up, "I'd say he's usually the last person to stay level-headed, and of course, if you're losing the game, you're not talking about how the game is over, you're just thinking it to yourself maybe, but of course you're not gonna say it to your teammates."

"I think micke kinda saved the game with his Sonic Wave in that last fight"

Zai on Mick'e's cltuch play in game 1

Liquid moves up to 3-2 in their record after this series. Will they continue to win and put themselves in a position for the major? Will they be forced into tiebreakers? Find out by sticking with us here at!