Team Liquid eliminates the final Chinese team in BetBoom Dacha Dubai cover image

Team Liquid eliminates the final Chinese team in BetBoom Dacha Dubai

There will be no Chinese teams in the top 3 of the tournament as Azure Ray takes the fall.

Team Liquid is on fire as it took down yet another powerhouse in the Playoffs of BetBoom Dacha Dubai. But this was more than a normal victory as the Western European juggernaut claimed a successful revenge match against Azure Ray. The very team that took Liquid down to the Lower Bracket was ultimately eliminated in their hands.

With this loss for Azure Ray, no Chinese teams are left in BetBoom Dacha Dubai. This was a surprising result as the Chinese region had a great start in the competition. All Chinese teams, namely Azure Ray, LGD Gaming, and Xtreme Gaming, secured a top seed placement during the Group Stage. But while XG and LGD departed early - finishing in the top 8 - Azure Ray climbed higher to bow out in fourth place.

What happened in Team Liquid vs Azure Ray series

Team Liquid showcased a dominant form, especially in their teamfighting and decision making. Michael "miCKe" Vu especially shined in both matches. His Weaver in the first game scored an 11/2/10 KDA. The second game was even better for the Swedish player as his Windranger scored 14/2/16. He delivered a ton of game-changing Shackles and was able to shine on the backs of a sturdy offlane performance by Neta "33" Shapira.

But even though Liquid performed extremely well, Azure Ray also committed some questionable plays. Their reputable Troll Warlord on Lou couldn't give a scare to Liquid. And in both games, they struggled to keep their mid-game net worth lead to secure the games. Check out the drafts and game stats for both games of Team Liquid vs Azure Ray below:

(Image via <a href="">STRATZ</a>)
(Image via STRATZ)
(Image via <a href="">STRATZ</a>)
(Image via STRATZ)

The top 3 of BetBoom Dacha Dubai confirmed

With this victory for Team Liquid, the team confirms a top 3 placement in BetBoom Dacha Dubai. Team Falcons await in the Grand Finals and BetBoom Team is the final obstacle for Liquid to get to the epic finale.

Knowing Liquid's consistent performances, this team will highly likely make their way until the end. And what's more exciting for Liquid fans is there will be no more Gaimin Gladiators in the finals acting as the much feared final Kryptonite. But before getting there, they'll first need to take down the Eastern European menace, BetBoom Team.

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