SumaiL officially joins Team Aster for the next DPC Tour and TI12 cover image

SumaiL officially joins Team Aster for the next DPC Tour and TI12

Farewell King and long live the Emperor. SumaiL officially steps down from Nigma Galaxy and moves to Team Aster.

Team Aster has come to an agreement with Nigma Galaxy regarding the transfer of Syed "SumaiL" Hassan. The news was announced on Team Aster's Weibo on the morning of May 8, with confirmation coming on Nigma Galaxy's Twitter shortly after.

According to the post, Nigma is technically loaning SumaiL to Aster for the rest of the competitive season. This includes the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit League (DPC) and The International 2023 (TI12). That said, Aster is still in discussion for a more concrete roadmap for SumaiL's potential future within the organization. SumaiL will once again take on the mid lane role at Aster.

A commendable run by SumaiL and Team Aster at Berlin Major

It comes with little surprise that Aster would sought SumaiL out after his impressive performance at Berlin Major. Despite a slight communication barrier, SumaiL made it work with the team and found ways to coordinate with them.

A simple "Jia You" and a chatwheel helped them get a respectable 7th-8th place finish. With that, Aster netted 200 DPC points. They currently sit at 15th place with 408 points at the DPC 2023 ranking. They certainly still have ways to go in order to make the cut for TI12 in Seattle. However, SumaiL will be a high-value addition to not just Team Aster but the Chinese Dota scene as a whole.

Nigma bids the king farewell

Sadly for Nigma, it is time for them to say goodbye to their king as he vacates the throne and heads for a palace in the east. The journey has not been easy for them and will continue to be treacherous as they start from Division II again this upcoming DPC season. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way for Nigma to secure a direct invite to TI12 so they will have to go through regional or Last Chance Qualifiers yet again. This could potentially be the third year that Nigma misses out on TI.

Nigma thanks SumaiL  (Image via Nigma Galaxy <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Twitter</a>)
Nigma thanks SumaiL (Image via Nigma Galaxy Twitter)

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