Hey Mr. Roshan stop… It’s still Night Time.

ESL One Berlin is in full swing and is the first Major on the new 7.33 Patch update. The biggest change in the patch was Roshan’s two homes on the map and a Roshan that teleports across the map when it’s day or night. But today, Team Aster stopped Roshan from doing so using an unlikely ability to stop the beast in its tracks. 

The Lower bracket Round 2 match between Team Aster and Team Liquid was an elimination match. The stakes were high and the pressure of playing in front of the Berlin audience was unimaginable. And in such a scenario when you lose the Aegis, it can be a game changer. 

Team Aster stops Roshan from teleporting across the map

With only around 15 seconds left on the clock before the Dota map would change to daytime, Team Aster started its assault on Roshan. Team Liquid, fully aware of Roshan’s timings waited near the Radiant Roshan pit.

Aster was cutting it close with just fifteen seconds remaining before Roshan starts teleporting to the other side of the map. And they almost didn’t finish Roshan before the big ‘ol guy started walking to the gates. But then something incredible happened. 

Team Aster’s support Disruptor cast his Kinetic Field on Roshan. Surely, that should not have stopped a Rock guy, right? But it did and it gave Team Aster just enough time to secure the Aegis for themselves.

Ultimately, Team Team Liquid still managed to win. But this unique play brought emotions of awe and surprise on the faces of fans and the casters. 

The 7.33 Patch update has brought about significant changes and most of them are aimed around balancing the game around Roshan.

Historically Roshan has been the single biggest factor that can dictate the course of a game. However, with equidistant lairs on both sides of the map and almost equal time distribution, Roshan now is as balanced as it can be. 

While we’re not sure whether this is a bug or an intended use of the ability, we can be sure Disruptor pick rates are going to skyrocket in pro matches. Containing Roshan within the Kinetic field is going to be a great way of not only securing the Aegis but also catching the opponent out of positon (just like Team Aster did in this case). 

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