Back with his crazy antics, TeaGuvnor counts rice grains on stream as he waits for the official release of patch 7.33 on April 20.

Lo and behold, the day of patch 7.33 is upon us. And once again, TeaGuvnor is back streaming his serialized antics as he awaits for the official Dota 2 patch 7.33 release. This time, he has embarked on an arduous journey of meticulous rice grain counting. It is a feat that will surpass all the ludicrous things he had done in previous waiting room streams; because to pull this off he needs to have razor-sharp focus to make sure that he does not miscount.

This is the fourth stream of this kind that TeaGuvnor has conducted. Previously, he chanted "Battle Pass" 16,905 times for the release of 2022 Battle Pass and "Diretide" for the 2022 Diretide event. He also most recently cosplayed as Lina and wrote down hero details on stream for the fake out 7.33 patch release that turned out to be 7.32e. With the certain patch 7.33 release, TeaGuvnor can feel rest assured that his effort will not be in vain this time.

Join his shenanigans live and show support for the cause:

We predict a total count north of 11,520 rice grains when Patch 7.33 drops

Patch 7.33 is expected to be released on April 20, 1:00 p.m. PST. It will be approximately eight hours from the time of this article's publication to release. At the time, TeaGuvnor has streamed for one hour and 45 minutes and counted precisely 2,500 rice grains. In other words, his counting rate (assuming no rest) is about 24 rice grains per minute, and will therefore end up counting north of up to 11,520 rice grains.

TeaGuvnor has procured a 20 kg bag of rice for this patch 7.33 waiting room stream. A simple Google search shows that there are at least 20,000 grains of rice in such bag. This means he should have a sufficient amount of rice to count. As he counts, he places each grain of rice into a jar. It also appears that he is considering auctioning the jar of rice for charity at the conclusion of his stream. Needless to say, as the gentleman many know him to be, he will not waste any food during the whole process of this ritual.

More details can be found through his Twitch command !rice.

TeaGuvnor explains details on his rice counting stream through a Twitch command !rice (Image via TeaGuvnor <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Twitch</a>)
TeaGuvnor explains details on his rice counting stream through a Twitch command !rice (Image via TeaGuvnor Twitch)

While you wait and count rice with TeaGuvnor, take some time to read up on some hints regarding patch 7.33. Stick around with Esports for more updates on the patch and other Dota 2 news.