TeaGuv to repeat Diretide until it’s released, will SHAVE his ‘tash if it’s over 20k cover image

TeaGuv to repeat Diretide until it’s released, will SHAVE his ‘tash if it’s over 20k

Caster TeaGuvnor is streaming himself saying Diretide until the gamemode releases. If he says it 20k times, he’ll lose his mustache.

Robson "TeaGuvnor" Merritt has started a stream repeating the term Diretide until the highly-anticipated Dota 2 gamemode is released. The dapper caster from bonny-old blighty is back at it again with his repeating relay of Dota 2 terms.

This latest stream is a call back to his pre-Battle Pass stream that saw TeaGuv say Battle Pass thousands of times leading up until its release on September 1st.

The TI11 panel talent, fresh off his return from Norway, tweeted out a pledge to repeat “diretide” until the gamemode was released. But he also added a little something to spice up the stream. If he reaches 20,000 diretides, he’ll shave off his mustache.

TeaGuv has infact added a bunch of ‘strech goals’ to his stream, including eating a chilli at 5,000, impersonating Dota Heroes at 10,000 (presumably while saying Diretide), eating a whole onion like an apple at 15,000, and cosplaying as the Queen of Pain Arcana at 25,000.

Will Diretide shave or save TeaGuv’s mustache?

When TeaGuv embarked on his Battle Pass-saying-marathon ahead of The International 2022 Battle Pass release, he streamed for over five hours and said the words 16905 times. 

With Diretide’s one less syllable than Battle Pass, and a similar time scale, TeaGuv’s projected Diretides-per-minute (DPM) are around 75. Overall, if the Diretide release takes another five hours and 35 minutes from his start point, TeaGuv will say Diretide an estimated 25,358 times. In short, the man’s mustache is doomed. And we’re probably going to see him dressed as QoP too.

However, Robson’s wonderful whiskers can still be saved if the merciful people at Valve release the Diretide event quicker than expected. Release times often veer into the midnight hour for Dota 2 fans in the UK (such as TeaGuv). But an early release, within two or three hours of the start of the stream will save his tash.

Tune into the stream here, and watch a Dota caster’s sanity slowly disintegrate.