Talon eliminated from TI12 by BetBoom after three hour-long games. This also included the shortest Divine Rapier possession time in history.

The final bastion of Southeast Asia (SEA) has fallen as Talon Esports came up short against BetBoom Team. They pushed to a game three with the best-of-three series running for three hours in total. Although the road to The International 2023 (TI12) ends here for Talon, they have achieved better results than in TI11. Meanwhile, BetBoom will rest easy as they move forward to the final weekend of TI12.

Talon and BetBoom burning the midnight oil at TI12

Talon and BetBoom managed to extend the series to a game three where each game took approximately one hour. The first two games went exactly for 70 minutes each while the third was a few minutes shy of the 60-minute mark. Straight into the late night of Seattle, both teams exhausted everything within their arsenals to live and fight another day at TI12.

In the first game, Talon drafted the highly prominent carry Spectre on Nuengnara "23savage" Teeramahanon. The first 40 minutes was a standstill with the odds slightly favoring BetBoom. However, a series of team wipes on BetBoom locked Talon's advantage in winning game one.

The second game, however, Talon drafted a carry Dark Willow, a hero that had seen an increase in popularity at this peculiar role despite her lack of success. This was a 15th-picked against a 9th-picked carry Muerta on BetBoom. Being one of the strongest carry heroes at TI12, the 13-4 Muerta along with an 8-0 mid Invoker overwhelmed Talon in game two.

The third game was no competition for BetBoom as they completely snowballed Talon. This was also the game with one of the shortest Divine Rapier possession times in pro Dota history.

Talon coach SunBhie with a heartful exit interview

"I hope our boys can continue to show that Southeast Asia Dota has a lot to show and that we are worthy of lifting up the trophy one day."

Talon Coach, SunBhie, on Talon and their future

With Talon eliminated, there are no more SEA representatives at TI12. It is indeed yet another disappointing year for SEA Dota. However, Talon coach Lee "SunBhie" Jeong-jae shared a heartful comment in the team's exit interview, expressing hope that Talon will one day lift the Aegis and bring it home for the region. SunBhie: "I hope our boys can continue to show that Southeast Asia Dota has a lot to show and that we are worthy of lifting up the trophy one day."

Talon Esports took one step further at TI12 placing 9th-12th this year. At TI11, they did not even make it out of the group stage with a 17th-18th finish.

Prior to this, the last South American representative, Vivo Keyd Stars, fell as well at the hands of BetBoom. BetBoom will face Virtus Pro next in the upcoming TI12 finals weekend starting October 27.

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