Let him cook! 23savage game-winning Chronosphere boots Team Spirit out and helps Talon keep their Lima Major dreams alive.

One may be a fluke, but twice in a row? Talon Esports has cemented their role as the Eastern European (EEU) team slayers of Lima Major. A day after eliminating HellRaisers, Talon eliminated Team Spirit. They were already down one game, but they kept their spirits alive and overturned the series with a 2-1 revenge. With that, Talon have secured the top six and a sweet pot of 200 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) points.

Talon Esports' victory over Team Spirit at Lima Major (Image via <a href="https://twitter.com/TALON_ESPORTS/status/1631793192545955841?s=20" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Talon Twitter</a>)
Talon Esports' victory over Team Spirit at Lima Major (Image via Talon Twitter)

Let him cook! 23savage game-winning Chronosphere

The first two games had each team one-sidedly dominating the other. It is in game three that things heated up. Within the first 35 minutes of the game, it really looked like the SEA dream was about to end. Team Spirit already cracked through Talon's barracks and had a 90 percent win probability at one point. However, a crucial Chronosphere by Nuengnara "23savage" Teeramahanon's Faceless Void on the Terrorblade became Talon's turning point that paved their way to victory.

From that clash, the 12k gold lead that Team Spirit had slowly crept away to Talon and never came back. A series of mistakes and diebacks from Team Spirit further solidified Talon's advantage in the game, but the biggest highlight is 23savage's clutch Chronosphere that helped secure Talon's second Aegis. In the most intense moment that could make or break the game for either team, Team Spirit and Talon were tiptoeing on each other, waiting for their moment to strike and claim Roshan's Aegis.

Even after being chain stunned by two Reverse Polarities, 23savage still managed to pull off a game-winning Chronosphere thanks to his ingenious Aeon Disk pickup. With that, 23savage won it all from killing three heroes to securing every drop from Roshan.

SEA - Kings of late game Dota

In the post-game interview, Sean "Snare" Rihlamvu interviewed 23savage and asked why Talon was able to play so well in the late game despite major disadvantages to which 23savage responded, "Because in SEA server we're just going to keep farming and it's always late game."

Snare also asked why Talon was able to outlast Execration and Geek Slate at Lima Major even though they were ranked lower in SEA DPC. 23savage believed that Talon has always been the stronger team and that it was due to a lack of practice that got them to where they were at the DPC. However, after their loss against Execration, they were able to "figure things out and started to play as a team more."

Because in SEA server we're just going to keep farming and it's always late game.

23savage on why SEA has a strong late game

Talon will face Entity next at Lima Major lower bracket

With Team Spirit out of their way, Talon will face Entity next. They have yet to beat a Western European (WEU) team be it at the group stage or the playoffs. Will Entity be their first win against WEU? Catch their game today, Mar. 4 at 7:00 a.m. PST and stay up-to-date with all Dota and Lima Major news at Esports.gg.