Team Liquid’s Boxi will miss the rest of the Lima Major cover image

Team Liquid’s Boxi will miss the rest of the Lima Major

Team Liquid’s Boxi has flown home due to a medical emergency. TL will play with a stand-in for the rest of the Lima Major.

Team Liquid will play their final few games of the Lima Major without support Samuel "Boxi" Svahn, who flew home due to a medical emergency. News was posted by team coach William "Blitz" Lee on Twitter on the evening of March 3. 

Boxi, the four position for Team Liquid, will depart Lima, leaving the squad short a player ahead of their March 4 matchup versus Gaimin Gladiators. In his place, team analyst, Jabbz, will step into the role and play in Team Liquid’s remaining matches. Prior to becoming Team Liquid’s analyst, Jabbz played support professionally. However, Jabbz hasn’t played a professional game since ESL Meisterschaft 2020.

Valve has also granted special dispensation on the emergency sub, and it seems Team Liquid will not be penalized, given the extraordinary circumstances

Team Liquid’s Boxi leaves Lima

Boxi leaves Lima in heartbreaking fashion, just when Team Liquid seemed poised to win the Major. It’s especially crushing as Boxi, speaking to before the event, stated “I predict Team Liquid will win it because I’ve yet to win a Major.” Now, even if TL do claim victory, Boxi won’t be here to enjoy it.

Despite the imminent matchup between the two orgs, Gaimin Gladiator’s co-owner and founder, Alex Cuccovillo, reportedly worked last night to try and find a sub for Team Liquid. Blitz praised Cuccovillo in his announcements, saying “Gladiators are our direct opponent he spent the entire night trying to help us. That to me is the sort of person I aspire to be.”

Team Liquid face Gaimin Gladiators at 10:00 a.m. PT, March 4. The winner will head to the finals of the Lima Major. The loser will fall to the lower bracket finals to face the survivor of the gauntlet