Talon, Alliance, Liquid and BOOM bow out of ESL One Malaysia cover image

Talon, Alliance, Liquid and BOOM bow out of ESL One Malaysia

Talon Esports, Alliance, Team Liquid and BOOM Esports are the first teams eliminated from ESL One Malaysia 2022

ESL One Malaysia had proven to be an extremely competitive battleground. At the conclusion of the group stage, four teams had been eliminated. Talon Esports and Alliance once again failed to prove their mettle in an international LAN stage whereas Team Liquid and BOOM Esports underwhelmed expectations by exiting early.

Talon Esports - First SEA team out of Malaysia

Unfortunately, Talon were the first SEA team to exit the SEA based tournament. They had a terrible start against Team Aster and Entity, going 0-4 on the first day of the group stage. Even though they performed admirably for the rest of the tournament, they were only able to achieve draws all the way to their end against Alliance, Thunder Awaken and Team Secret.

Talon finished fifth in the group with a final score of 3-7. Despite performing exceptionally during the third season of SEA DPC, Talon failed to produce results in all their international LANs. They had early exits at the Arlington Major, ESL One HatYai and now ESL One Malaysia.

Alliance's performance despite not having full roster

Like their Talon contenders in Group A, Alliance struggled throughout the tournament. In the first two days, they managed to go 0-6 against Secret, Entity and Aster. They were only able to tie with Talon and Thunder Awaken, finishing last in their group with a final score of 2-8. That said, Alliance did not have their full roster.

They enlisted the help of Sakis "dEsire" Kartsampas from Brame to stand-in for Adam "Aramis" Moroz who was unable to attend the tournament due to visa issues. This year had not been kind at all for Alliance. The last time they saw any success was when they placed second at season two of WEU DPC Division II. Since then, they had pretty much lost game after game. In 2022, Alliance turned over five players but had yet to change their situation.

Team Liquid - 5th place

Team Liquid is the one of the few teams that have the highest number of seasoned veterans including their coach who is a renowned two-time TI champion, Jesse "JerAx" Vainikka. However, they had not shown the results that were expected out of them.

Due to an early exit from the Arlington Major playoffs, Team Liquid will have to go through the brutal Western Europe qualifiers along with rivals Team Secret and Entity. In a tournament that could be considered an opportunity for good practice, Team Liquid performed poorly when compared to Secret and Entity. They exited ESL One Malaysia with a final score 4-6 and placing fifth.

BOOM Esports - SEA Hope lost

This was the most shocking elimination out of all teams. BOOM Esports was expected to be one of the top seeds. Unfortunately they did not score any win until the last day of the group stage, conceding 0-2 to Fnatic and Nigma, and drawing with TSM and Liquid. In their last day of the tournament, BOOM pulled off an incredible miracle and beat OG 2-0.

They were the only team that succeeded in toppling the undefeated leader of Group B. Unfortunately, it was just not enough. In order to continue in the tournament, BOOM needed many things to happen between their peers such as Liquid beating TSM FTX or Nigma beating Fnatic. However with the aforementioned teams ending in draws, BOOM finished the tournament at fifth place with a score of 4-6 alongside with Liquid

ESL One Malaysia playoffs will commence immediately!

Not a second is wasted. ESL One Malaysia continues on to the upper bracket playoffs with OG versus Team Secret and Team Aster versus Fnatic. Do not miss out on any of the matches and keep yourselves up-to-date LIVE at esports.gg.

ESL One Malaysia playoffs bracket (Image via ESL One Twitch stream)
ESL One Malaysia playoffs bracket (Image via ESL One Twitch stream)