In typical SEA fashion, T1 puts forth a “4 cores” strat to finally end BOOM Esports’ win streak in SEA DPC.

Major or no Major, SEA Dota 2 fans had assembled for the biggest showdown of Southeast Asia (SEA) Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) - BOOM Esports vs T1. There was a lot of hype going into the series as both teams had quite the reputation. T1 has a TI badge on their sleeves and BOOM Esports, on the other hand, was on an incredible win streak. But who would've thought that the recipe to break BOOM's win streak is to casually toss in a position 4 + Daedalus combo?

Here’s a quick recap of BOOM Esports vs T1 - and be warned, your pubs might just be ruined after this game.

T1 prevails a back-and-forth affair

The opening match had a slow start, but once teamfights began, things got very interesting. Both teams were actively engaged in 5v5 fights and even though BOOM prevailed in most encounters, T1 still managed to rack up a net worth lead. 

The game fell into BOOM's hands, however, with precise Spears and positioning from Fbz’s Mars. Fight after fight, T1 lost their footing, and BOOM was finally knocking on T1’s high ground.

The final twist was when T1 managed to burst the opponent’s carry Phantom Lancer to his grave whilst he was confidently hitting their racks - the turning point towards T1's victory.

The game snowballed to their favor and we witnessed a RICH pos 4 casually buying a Daedalus for himself. We see you Xepher.

The game was a win for T1 as BOOM failed to recuperate, especially against a lineup of “four cores”. 

T1's Scoreboard  Credit:
T1's Scoreboard Credit:

Just look at their itemization! T1 perfectly embodies SEA Dota and we love to see it.

T1 crushes BOOM Esports

The second game was a struggle for BOOM as T1 showcased amazing coordination on top of a really pesky draft. The laning phase was a so-so trade affair, but as soon as T1 hit their timings, they wreaked havoc across the map. 

At one point, BOOM had a great teamfight setup and it could’ve gone in their favor if not for the timely saves and disables from the side of T1.

T1 continued to control the game and smashed through BOOM’s defenses, ending the game at the 46-minute mark. A clean and convincing win.

SEA DPC takes a wild turn

Following T1’s win, the standings of SEA DPC have grown more interesting. 

<a href="">SEA DPC</a> Current Standings
SEA DPC Current Standings

The DPC is approaching its end and the standings look as intense as ever. We definitely have to keep our eyes peeled for the next final deciding series:

  • BOOM Esports vs Execration | 19 January
  • Fnatic vs T1 | 19 January
  • MG.Trust vs OB.Neon | 20 January

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