Saksa will step back from DreamLeague Season 19 to ‘mental reset’ for the upcoming Berlin Major.

Dreamhack's DreamLeague Season 19 is currently rolling with the first Group Stage hot in action. But in the middle of the third day, Tundra Esports dropped a bombshell. Martin "Saksa" Sazdov decided to step back from the tournament and Adam "Aramis" Moroz, the former player for Alliance, will fill in his shoes. The position 4 player for Tundra then revealed that he has been feeling burnout and wanted to reset before the upcoming Berlin Major.

Saksa took to Twitter to share his decision: "Been feeling pretty burnt out lately, will be taking a break from playing in DreamLeague so I can mentally reset and be ready to play in the Major."

It is understandable for players to prioritize their form in the Berlin Major as it is definitely more important. Berlin Major hosts plenty of DPC points that can help Tundra qualify for TI12. And the defending champions certainly look forward to scoring a back-to-back title.

The Berlin Major also starts closely with DreamLeague S19's end date. This ongoing tournament ends on April 23 and Berlin Major will start on April 26. This means that participants in DreamLeague that are also qualified for the next Dota 2 Major will have only two days of rest.

Tundra Esports looks shaky in DreamLeague S19

The current world champions are not looking too good in DreamLeague S19. The $1 million tournament is closing its first Group Stage and only eight out of sixteen teams will survive. So far, Tundra have only secured a series win against Team Spirit and settled with 3 draws and 1 loss.

Tundra now sits with a 5-5 scoreline and barely fell into the elimination zone. They'll need to score more in the next two series against Nigma Galaxy and nouns to climb back into the green zone.

We'll have to see if playing with a stand-in affects Tundra's gameplay, or if the team manages to stay afloat.

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