Dota 2 Riyadh Masters enters the Esports World Cup cover image

Dota 2 Riyadh Masters enters the Esports World Cup

Esports World Cup welcomes Dota 2 as one of its titles.

Saudi Arabia's Esports World Cup has announced Dota 2 as one of the games in its large-scale, multi-title esports tournament. The Dota 2 event will be in the form of Riyadh Masters, which is a colossal part of the competitive Dota 2 circuit, ESL Pro Tour. Read on to find out more.

Esports World Cup will feature ESL Pro Tour's Riyadh Masters

The Dota 2 professional scene has seen two iterations of the Riyadh Masters in the last two years. The lucrative tournament, offering a massive $15 million prize pool last year, will make its much-anticipated return in 2024. But this time around, Riyadh Masters will serve as the official Dota 2 tournament for the Esports World Cup.

To qualify for the Riyadh Masters in Esports World Cup, Dota 2 teams must go through the ESL Pro Tour circuit. This event will offer twenty slots for the world's best teams. To secure a place at the Riyadh Masters, the team must collect enough EPT Points. These points can be earned by achieving top placements in EPT tournaments. These tournaments include the DreamLeague Season 22 and ESL One Birmingham.

According to Esports World Cup, Dota 2 teams can earn the most EPT points via DreamLeague Season 23. Despite it being an online tournament, the 23rd DreamLeague will be the final destination before Riyadh Masters takes place.

What is the Esports World Cup

Esports World Cup, formerly Gamers8, is an eight-week long esports competition which fields multiple esports titles such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, StarCraft, and CS:GO. The Esports World Cup is organized by the Esports World Cup Foundation, a Saudi Arabian government-founded non-profit organization. This large-scale tournament is a part of Saudi Arabia's campaign to make the region the premier global hub for gaming and esports.

Esports World Cup will pit organizations and players across many esports titles to select the best club, or team, in the world. The lengthy tournament will likely begin in July. More details has yet to be revealed regarding this packed event.

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