Despite high expectations, PSG Quest is one of the first teams to be eliminated from TI12.

The International 2023, TI12, has begun shedding off teams in each group as we approach Phase Two of the Group Stage. In a shocking turnaround, PSG Quest is out of TI12 after finishing bottom in Group D. The TI debutants had plenty of expectations on their shoulders, touted to become the strongest dark horse of the tournament. However, the Western Europe team departs the championship early following a poor performance.

PSG Quest's TI12 lineup:

  • Aybek "TA2000" Tokayev
  • Tony "No!ob" Assaf
  • Tobias "Tobi" Buchner
  • Omar "OmaR" Moughrabi
  • Oleh "kaori" Medvedok
PSG Quest lineup at TI12.<br>(Image via Valve)
PSG Quest lineup at TI12.
(Image via Valve)

During the Group Stage of TI12, the newly partnered PSG Quest was paired with Tundra Esports, TSM, and Vivo Keyd Stars in Group D. Many expected the South American team, Vivo Keyd Stars, to take the fall in this group. They are the second team which qualified for TI12 through the South American Qualifier. Surprisingly, Vivo Keyd Stars pulled off a solid fight during the Group Stage grabbing draws from powerhouses like Tundra Esports and TSM.

PSG Quest, on the other hand, struggled a little more. The team secured two draws against Keyd Stars and TSM and suffered two series losses against Tundra Esports and Talon Esports. With a 0-2-2 scoreline, PSG Quest falls to the bottom of Group D and faces elimination from TI12.

PSG Quest is one of the tournament favorites

PSG Quest fields young rising players who sat under the limelight throughout the end of the 2023 season. The team qualified for their first Major - the Bali Major - which sees them finishing in the top 4 of the tournament. PSG Quest also made it through the grueling WEU TI12 Qualifier to come out on top of teams like OG, Team Secret, and Nigma Galaxy. With such an impressive performance, PSG Quest quickly became a threat among the favorites.

This makes their early exit from TI12 a surprising upset. Prior to the tournament, Dota 2 stats man, Ben "Noxville" Steenhuisen, had shared his probabilities for TI12. According to him, Quest is in the top 3 with the highest chances of winning TI12. Nonetheless, it is not nearly a TI without unpredictable results.

PSG Quest ends their first TI journey in bottom place as the rest of Group D advance to the Playoffs. TI12 Group Stage Phase Two begins tomorrow and the remaining teams will be seeded into the Main Bracket.

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