PSG.LGD sat down with the media for a little chat before the playoffs of TI10. Here are the latest and spiciest quotes from the favorites to win the $40 million event. joined the official TI10 press conferences ahead of the playoffs, and we’ve collected some of the best answers PSG.LGD gave to attending journalists. PSG.LGD headed into TI10 as favourites and did not disappoint, placing 1st in group B with a 7-1 record.

Coach xiao8 gained a deeper team understanding after being a stand-in

Prior to TI10, PSG.LGD were playing with their coach xiao8, for the ESL ONE Fall 2021 and OGA Dota Pit Invitationals. This was due to NothingToSay having troubles with visa and travel permissions, making him unable to join the team.

However, xiao8 stepped up to the role and was playing above many people’s expectation. PSG.LGD ended up winning the OGA Dota Pit Invitationals and came 2nd place at the ESL ONE Fall 2021.

It was really good, this experience gave us a better understanding on what we were lacking of in our team,” said PSG.LGD’s coach and TI4 winner XIao8. “I also took this experience to discuss and share more macro-game play with NothingToSay. Also, I got a feeling of how strong our team was. Cause we were still able to win even when our mid lane would be crushed every game.

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Surprise and Respect asked y` if there was any team that impressed or surprised him in the group stage.

The two teams that we discussed a lot about in the later phase of group stage were Team Spirit and T1,” said Y’. “We are very impressed with how they started the group stage very poorly, and then bounced back and eventually ended up at Upper Bracket. We respect them a lot for this.

Team Spirit ended their first day of group stage with a devastating 0-4 score, losing to Team Secret and PSG.LGD, arguably the two strongest team from Group B. However, Team Spirit ended up with a final score of 10-6 and secured themselves an Upper Bracket slot.

As for T1 on the other group, they endured a similar start to Team Spirit. They dropped 0-4 on the first day to Invictus Gaming and Evil Geniuses. They then bounced back to end with a final score of 10-6 that barely got T1 into the Upper Bracket. Team Undying taking a game off Evil Geniuses helped tip the scales in the final dash.

Final Group Stage Results from TI10

Xiao8 on how PSG.LGD chose T1… a coin flip

As the #1 seed from Group B, PSG.LGD had the privilege to pick their first round enemy from the #3 and #4 seed of Group A, which are OG and T1. Before the decision was made, a lot of fans were hoping for PSG.LGD to pick OG as it will be the rematch of TI8 Grand Final. Fortunately for them, there is still hope for them to meet each other in the Grand Finals.

We didn’t choose T1,” said Xiao8. “Both T1 and OG are very strong team and we didn’t know who to choose. So we flipped a coin and let it decide for us, and it chose T1.

Ame: “Team Secret is definitely the strongest team that we’ve played in group stage.”

During the press conference, Ame was asked for his thoughts on Team Spirit and to share who he felt was the strongest team in group stage.

Team Spirit is very strong, but Team Secret is definitely the strongest team that we’ve played in group stage,” said Ame.

Team Secret is the only team that managed to win a game from PSG.LGD in the group stage and were also the reason they did not play well on Day 2 according to Xiao8. Ame was then asked to name a better carry player than himself, and Ame replied: “Matumbaman”“.

Upper Bracket Celebration post from PSG.LGD’s Weibo

Strongest Opponent for PSG.LGD in playoffs

PSG.LGD was asked if Invictus Gaming who is the #1 seed from Group A with a final score of 14-2 be their strongest opponent. iG on the other group had a monstrous group stage run where they only dropped two games in 4 days, one to OG and another to Team Undying. Before coming into TI10, CN fans were favoring iG and PSG.LGD to win it all. It does feel like everything is going with expectations now.

I don’t think they’re the strongest for us because we like to see every team equally,” said Y’. “I think every team is strong in their own ways and we have to play our best to beat anyone.

It doesn’t matter if our opponent is first place or last place in the group stage. As long as we meet them in the playoff, we will have to prepare well against them and perform to our best.”

Where did Position 3 IO come from?

We knew about position 3 IO from EU pubs before, and since he had been appearing in group stage, we thought we could pick it and practice a little and see what is the effect of it.

xiao8 talked about picking IO offlane on the last series of their group stage

OG is irreplaceable

OG is definitely irreplaceable because they’ve won TI two times in a row.

Faith_bian answered.

The team was asked if they could be seen as the best players in the world if they were to win TI10.

Why is China so strong this year?


xiao8 answered immediately.
PSG.LGD’s TI10 Mascot from Weibo

PSG.LGD will be playing against T1 in the first round of Upper bracket on October 13, 9am EEST. We wish both teams that best of luck! Here is the TI10 Playoff Bracket.

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