Top 3 Dota 2 carry heroes to spam for MMR gains in Patch 7.34 cover image

Top 3 Dota 2 carry heroes to spam for MMR gains in Patch 7.34

Gain MMR and have a lot of ridiculous fun with our top three picks of the best carry heroes of patch 7.34.

The recently released Patch 7.34 in Dota 2 brought about significant updates to several Carry heroes. Out of all of them, there are three heroes whose win and pick rates are off the charts. Coincidentally, each of them excels at their own lanes. They are Night Stalker, Wraith King, and Invoker. So if you are looking for some MMR gains as a carry player, do not sleep on these heroes.

Eternal silence in the darkest of night

Best offlaner of patch 7.34 Night Stalker (Via <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Dotabuff</a> from Aug 6-13)
Best offlaner of patch 7.34 Night Stalker (Via Dotabuff from Aug 6-13)

Let's start with the top offlane pick, Night Stalker. This hero became a lot scarier after patch 7.34. As shown in the image above, his win rate shot up from below 50 percent to around 56 percent after patch. The updates on Crippling Fear and Dark Ascension make all of the difference.

Crippling Fear now does up to 40 damage per second. At night, Night Stalker deals 240 free damage just by closing in on his enemies in addition to silencing them. However, it is his ultimate, Dark Ascension, that makes him broken. Time it correctly, and Night Stalker can now silence enemies for 12 seconds. Now, imagine if he has a Refresher Orb. Literally unstoppable!

Best item build for Night Stalker

Night Stalker's build remains fairly similar compared to that before patch 7.34: Blink Dagger, Harpoon, and Black King Bar are still his go-to. Although his new ultimate increases the urgency to purchase a Shard. Just another way for him to take advantage of his cooldowns by eating two creeps consecutively to recover his health and mana.

One-click army to destroy them all

Best safelaner of patch 7.34 - Wraith King (Via <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Dotabuff</a> from Aug 6-13)
Best safelaner of patch 7.34 - Wraith King (Via Dotabuff from Aug 6-13)

Wraith King is the winner of the carry safe lane in patch 7.34 because of a significant upgrade to Vampiric Spirit. Even though his win rate did not see too high of a jump post patch, his pick rate rose from nine to nearly 12 percent.

The recent upgrade to Vampiric Spirit improves his skeleton army damage by 25% and armor by two. Basically, Wraith King players only need to press one button to summon an army that was just retrofitted to become even deadlier. This change also calls for players to select talents that enhance his skeletons, which are:

  • +25% summon skeleton duration/-25% cooldown (level 10)
  • +26 skeletons attack damage (level 15)
  • +6 minimum skeletons spawned (level 20)

Best item build for Wraith King

Wraith King enjoys the typical hard carry items such as Desolator, Radiance, or Abyssal Blade. However, to maximize the extremes of the skeleton army meta, you can try the Aghanim's Shard and Refresher Orb combination. When Wraith King reincarnates, he summons up to three skeletons per enemy hero around him. He summons six with a Shard. That comes to a total of 30 death-dealing skeletons when he reincarnates with the full enemy team within range.

The crazy thing is, Wraith King can actually self-cast Reincarnation to kill himself and instantly summon his skeletons. What do you think would happen when he has a Refresher Orb in hand? Check the video above to find out!

Arguably the best carry of patch 7.34

Best midlaner of patch 7.34 Invoker (Via <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Dotabuff</a> from Aug 6-13)
Best midlaner of patch 7.34 Invoker (Via Dotabuff from Aug 6-13)

Invoker is one of the most popular carry heroes for the mid lane. You love playing with him and absolutely detest going against him. And now in patch 7.34, Invoker gets a complete makeover that makes him even more disgustingly strong. His win rate went from 48 percent to 55% after patch 7.34.

The biggest change is that Invoker is now a universal hero. This means he now enjoys having a lot of stats under his belt. Quas, Wex, and Exort also went through major changes.

  • Quas no longer grants health regeneration. It now grants two to eight percent spell lifesteal on Invoker's abilities per orb on cast
  • Wex no longer grants attack speed. It now grants one to seven percent cooldown reduction per orb on all Invoker's abilities and items
  • Exort no longer grants damage. It now grants one to seven percent spell amplification on all Invoker's abilities per instance on cast

There is also a long list of detailed changes to a number of his skills as well, which will not be covered in this article. To find out, check out the patch notes from the Dota 2 website.

How to play the new Invoker and his best item builds

One distinctive note that ties all of Quas, Wex, and Exort together is that their effects are stored at the moment of a spell cast. Knowing which ability to pair and cast with either Quas, Wex, or Exort is paramount. For example, Cold Snap, which now heals Invoker every proc, pairs extremely well with Quas. Obviously, like usual, Exort and Sun Strike go hand-in-hand. Yet, you generally want to keep Wex up most of the time for the spell and item cooldown reduction.

Pros who typically play Invoker, such as Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen, are coming out of the woodwork. One item they are all building on the new Invoker is interestingly a Manta Style. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Manta Style is a stat item that not only gives Invoker an escape-ability but also strengthens his overall pushing power. Furthermore, the change to Spirit Vessel's item recipe (now requires two Crowns instead of Vitality Booster) significantly increases the item's value to Invoker.

And that's a wrap on our top picks for carry heroes in patch 7.34, but before you go be sure to check out our guide on top support heroes of this patch.

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