The Dota 2 7.34 patch brought lots of buffs to supports. Join us and find out who the biggest winners are in this update.

Dota 2's newest patch brought a massive amount of changes to the game. Heroes and neutral items alike changed significantly in preparation for The International (TI). Among the numerous hero changes, it seems like the supports were the true winners of patch 7.34. Most support heroes got buffed, while safelaners and midlaners received minor changes. Read on for the Dota 2 7.34 patch details.

Honorable mentions of 7.34 supports

The 7.34 patch is a support-heavy patch. A lot of supports received small but significant buffs to their spells. Here are some honorable mentions before we talk about the biggest support glow ups of 7.34:

  • Dark Willow: Dark Willow's ultimate Bedlam received an interesting change. Bedlam can now be cast on allies and herself. So now, on top of a blink initiation, you also need to worry about the massive damage output of her wisp.
  • Witch Doctor: The new Death Ward of 7.34 is a terror to fight. Now dealing pure damage, the ultimate ability shreds through all of those who would oppose the doctor.
  • Chen: Similarly, Chen received a slight change regarding his Holy Persuasion ability. Now, with the help of an Aghanim Scepter, the ability can be cast on enemies to deal damage equal to the value of Hand of God.
  • Jakiro: The dual-headed dragon's new Aghanim Scepter adds two thin Ice Paths beside Macropyre. Although these Ice Paths don't stun, they slow just like Invoker's Ice Wall, which does an excellent job in keeping foes in the Macropyre.

Dota 2 7.34 patch support highlights


Getting sent to Hell, making his way back, and getting sent there again before returning once more changes a creature. After getting sent to Hell one too many times, Lion is now stronger than ever. His Mana Drain ability is now almost to the point of being broken. Now, Mana Drain can be cast on allies for the opposite effect, meaning it grants bonus move speed and gives mana. With the minor change, Lion is going to be one of the most annoying backline supports in Medusa lineups.

Lion's updated Mana Drain in 7.34 (Image via Valve Corporation)
Lion's updated Mana Drain in 7.34 (Image via Valve Corporation)


The Dota 2 Dragon's Blood best girl got one of her best abilities, Sidekick, reworked in 7.34. Now, rather than being an active buff that needs to be cast on an ally, the buff becomes permanent. Only dispellable by Marci or by death, Marci permanently provides lifesteal and damage to an ally. Although the values aren't as powerful as they once were, a permanent buff to damage and lifesteal is still quite strong.

Marci's new reworked Sidekick in 7.34 (Image via Valve Corporation)
Marci's new reworked Sidekick in 7.34 (Image via Valve Corporation)


Grimstroke hasn't been in the light in a long time. But now with upgrades to three out of his four spells, he might make a return. Each of his spells, including his ultimate, got buffed. Phantom's Embrace now travels almost 400 units faster (now at 1150). Soulbind now pierces debuff immunity. Last, but most significantly, Ink Swell can now be detonated by a new sub ability. This means Ink Swell is one of the best initiation tools in the game.

Grimstroke's upgrades in 7.34 (Image via Valve Corporation)
Grimstroke's upgrades in 7.34 (Image via Valve Corporation)

Although this list only encompasses seven heroes, lots of other supports have been changed for the better. We'll just have to see what the players have in store when TI rolls around. For more esports news and Dota 2 coverage, stay tuned on