Outsiders handle One Move in 2-0 victory in EEU DPC Div 1 Week 1 cover image

Outsiders handle One Move in 2-0 victory in EEU DPC Div 1 Week 1

The Outsiders looked dominant in their defeat of One Move to kick of their DPC Tour 3

The Outsiders have defeated One Move 2-0 in both team’s first game in the EEU DPC Div 1 Tour 3. The Outsiders, which is the banner Virtus.pro roster are playing under in the EEU DPC, handed the former Gambit Esports squad in two games.

One Move looked bewildered in their first game post promotion. While Gambit were a top-tier EEU team, their stock has clearly fallen. The sheer talent on the Outsiders roster is hard to deny. These are some of the very best players in the EEU, and playing under a new banner will not change that.

Prophet and Doom

In game one Outsiders opted to pick up the slightly unorthodox pick the Nature’s Prophet for Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev. Nature's Prophet is at its best when it's annoying the hell out of an opposing carry and that’s what Ramzes did with his offlane pick. Bullying the opposing laner, and scaling into a monster. Really there was nothing One Move could do against this.

Game two, Move banned the Natures Prophet, and learning from the Mind Games/Rune Eaters match from earlier, picking up the Doom. Meanwhile, the Outsiders’ continued on their strategy to attempt to keep harassing the opposing carries early with the Wraith King and Mirana combo.

However, the Doom did prove initially difficult for Outsiders to handle. By 19 minutes, the hero was getting consistent catches on his opponents. But unfortunately, this wasn’t enough. With gpk- hugely farmed on Templar Assassin, the Outsiders simply swept over One Move, taking the 2-0

Outsiders look like they belong

Despite the name, the Outsiders look at home in Div 1 competition, and the name change isn’t going to alter the fact this is one of the best rosters in the EEU. It’s going to be a long and painful learning experience for One Move to get themselves back into Division 1 standard of play. Lets hope their fair better against Mind Games in Week 2.