Rune Eaters had a statement game in their first match of the EEU DPC Div 1

Rune Eaters have taken down Mind Games in a 2-0 series to win their first match in the upper division of the EEU DPC Tour 3. The new entry to the division schooled a shocked looking Mind Games in two games. 

While both games lasted for around 40-minutes, this wasn’t due to a close match. Instead, both teams at various times found themselves with connection issues that mired the games in lag.

In game one, Rune Eaters snowballed a strong early game into a 26k gold lead that was just unstoppable. With a combination of great Snapfire support play, and an unstoppable Bloodseeker. Rune Eaters brought it to Mind Games, walling them out in 38 minutes.

Dominating Doom

(image via Valve)
(image via Valve)

For game two, a similarly dominating lead was created. Rune Eater’s Doom picked up a 16-minute BKB, and was basically unstoppable. But the connection issues also really peaked for game two., with Mind Games seemingly unable to keep all their players connected consistently for the first 20 minutes of the game. But not content to let Mind Games have all the fun, Rune Eaters also struggled with connection issues.

But lag aside, every fight Mind Games took was just a dismal failure. The one faint glimmer of hope came in what turned out to be the final fight, as Mind Games actually managed to kill Doom. But it was all for nothing, as the remaining four members of Rune Eaters swept up onto the high ground and ended the game.

Rune Eaters interview

In the post game, we were gifted an interview with Islambek "ArrOw" Shaudirbaev from Rune Eaters. “If you win your first game 2-0 [in Div 1] you’re going to be confident in winning games. So I’m pretty confident we’re not going to lose and be disqualified… I mean be kicked from Div 1”

He also talked about representing Kazakhstani. Rune Eaters are the only Kazakhstani in Div 1 DPC, and have three Kazakhstani players on their team. Arrow revealed that these three players had been playing together for almost five years. The Rune Eaters names comes from the org owner, who got inspiration from Kazakhstani comics.

Final Thoughts

This is a sad state of affairs for Mind Games, who were one of the top teams in EEU the last time we saw them properly. But with roster shuffles and lots of time out, it seems like their star has somewhat faded. 

Rune Eaters on the other hand were a revelation. Having battled their way through the Dota 2 Championship League and Division 2, it will be exciting to see how far they can go in the highest echelon of EEU Dota 2.

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