Two-Time TI Champions OG have been eliminated from TI10 by the debutantes Team Spirit.

It was a David vs Goliath battle. OG, the two-time TI champions, and possibly a dark horse at this tournament were facing TI debutante, Team Spirit. Team Spirit had a fabulous performance believing in their individual skill and winning one of the most important games of their careers. Meanwhile, OG is now eliminated from TI10 and with it, their dreams of a 3PEAT.

Horn Toss Skewers Team Spirit to Victory

The first game started with Team Spirit being as active as they can be across the map. But while Team Spirit got the kills, OG always had the networth lead. SumaiL’s Tiny was farming uncontrollably. He was also helped by his teammates who pooled together items for him. 

It was almost an insurmountable lead for OG. At one point in the game, SumaiL, 1v5, killed two members of Team Spirit and looked menacing for the remaining three. Team Spirit had to turn tail and run from the lone standing member of OG.

But excellent coordination saw Team Spirit being able to skewer SumaiL into the fountain. It was a risky move, especially since Faceless Void was still dead, but it worked out in the end. A game-changing move, a move that required multiple teammates to have pinpoint precision and one that saw the momentum swing heavily in Team Spirit’s favor. 

Team Spirit managed an amazing comeback to win Game 1. Screengrab via <a href=""></a>.
Team Spirit managed an amazing comeback to win Game 1. Screengrab via

Throughout the rest of the game, Dota 2 fans saw many more Horn-Toss into Skewer combos. Team Spirit just chipped away at OG until OG had to accept defeat in Game 1. 

"Ez Game": Team Spirit Eliminate OG from TI10

The draft for the second game seemed quite similar to the first. Collapse got his Magnus, SumaiL got his Tiny. This time as well, it was a bloodbath. SumaiL continued to farm a lot, and was the top net worth for a long time. However, once the laning phase ended, Team Spirit went active across the map. Constantly looking for kills, punishing the position 4 Night Stalker and kiting their opponents, Team Spirit seemed in better control of this game.

The last pick Lifestealer, however, was too much for OG to handle. With an in-built BKB, it was difficult to counter Lifestealer, and especially when he has heroes like Winter Wyvern and Magnus behind him. It was an easy game for Team Spirit, at least that’s what TorontoTokyo thought so.

The second game was much better for Team Spirit. They had perfect executions and never let go of the pressure. OG could not find a way back into the game and ultijmately, Team Spirit ended the series.

Ceb Graceful in Defeat

Losing is part of the competition. We’ve been on the winning side and we’ve celebrated that and we are grateful for that. Losing is tough, we feel very down. 

Team Spirit will go on to face Virtus.Pro in their next match, a CIS derby that is bound to bring some exciting plays. 

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