Performance Coach for Nouns’ Dota 2 team, Edward, shared some tips regarding nutrition and overall health for gamers ahead of TI12.

While gaming in general may be casual, the life of professional gamers requires intensive care to maintain a strong performance. Nouns, who is currently competing at TI12, recently shared bits of tips regarding nutrition and general health derived for gamers.

Nouns Dota 2 team at TI12.<br>(Image via Nouns Esports)
Nouns Dota 2 team at TI12.
(Image via Nouns Esports)

Ahead of TI12, Nouns posted a video featuring Edward, their performance coach from Mind Body Esports. In the clip, Edward went for a little shopping to purchase snacks and treats for their players while sharing some tips regarding health and wellness for gamers.

Here's our Performance Coach Edward from (Mind Body Esports) who's on-site in Seattle, gathering snacks for our team and answering questions about health and wellness!

"Eat more food, real food" - Performance coach for Nouns

Edward began with describing what he was up to at the moment. He mentioned that he was getting snacks for players that would last the week. Edward stated that it is important to keep your glucose stable for better performances during games.

Getting good snacks for the week.. in between matches or anytime you have more than a four-hour gap without eating, you keep that glucose stable. You're able to perform at a much better level. So we're just loading up with some good snacks, and protein, and treats.

The performance coach for Nouns then gave some tips for gamers who want better nutrition. He highlights the importance of consuming "real food" and stocking up protein in meals.

Eat more food, real food. That's the main thing. Cut out sugar if you can and have protein in your meals. If you do that, you got the basis down.

He also explained that sometimes gamers skip their breakfast and that is a crucial mistake. Without consuming food early in the day, gamers can feel fatigued and their diet can be ruined.

"The big mistake with gamers is that you don't eat throughout the day, and then at the end of the day, they eat a bunch of garbage. And they wonder why they can't stand, or "diet" so to speak. That's why breakfast is important for us, but it's really about protein. These type of things (snacks and treats) are just fillers, they're not meant to be a meal."

Edward also praised the Nouns Dota 2 team who practices a healthy lifestyle. He highlights that they eat well, lift weights, and are all health conscious.

A successful start to TI12

Rocking an underdog label, Nouns has zoomed past expectations at the ongoing TI12. Nouns was paired with Dota 2 giants, LGD Gaming and Gaimin Gladiators, in Group C. They were also alongside South American powerhouse, beastcoast, and CIS dark horse,

With a sufficient match win, Nouns was able to survive in Group C and qualify for TI12 Playoffs. We'll see Nouns in action later today, as they battle against Tundra Esports for a spot in the Upper Bracket.

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