Tilted NoPing player calls early GG despite being ahead in DPC match cover image

Tilted NoPing player calls early GG despite being ahead in DPC match


A premature GG in the first Bo3 series saw NoPing lose the match against Beastcoast. Fortunately, this did not stop them from dominating Beastcoast 2-0 in the tiebreaker series.

South American Dota 2 fans were in for a treat today during the DPC Season 2 grand finals. The match between Beastcoast and NoPing esports was a fight for first place in the group stage. It was a very close match going the distance to game 3, but then a very unexpected thing happened in the final game of the series. 
NoPing was 6-0 in the group stage while Beastcoast was 5-1. A NoPing win would mean a flawless run through the DPC Season 2 and a slot in the Animajor playoffs. Beastcoast needed to defeat NoPing esports in order to enforce the tiebreaker.
Update: NoPing esports won the second Bo3 series against Beastcoast 2-0 to secure the first place. The team has now qualified directly to the Animajor playoffs that takes place in June. The WePlay Animajor is the second Dota 2 Major of the season and the last event to hand out DPC points.

NoPing esports rage quits despite being in the lead

NoPing’s captain, Jose Leonardo "Panda" Padilla Hernandez called GG after losing a teamfight. The game was still very even at this point and NoPing had a decent chance of victory. But a poorly executed Roshan fight and probably some frustration led to the premature GG call.
NoPing esports dominated the entire game right from the laning phase. The team built upon its lead in the mid-game and had a 7000 gold advantage at the 15-minute mark. But things started going wrong at this moment and Beastcoast was slowly clawing back into the game. 
NoPing esports lost four heroes in a teamfight at the 24-minute mark. But the team still had the lead and a decent chance to win the game. Unfortunately for NoPing’s fans, Panda called GG and immediately disconnected from the game. The player was possibly frustrated with his performance and intentionally disconnected from the match. After saying it was a misclick, his teammats also called GG and disconnected from the game.
Rage GGs are not something new to Dota 2 players. But quitting early is something reserved for casual players in matchmaking. Professional players usually have higher standards and do not quit unless all hope is lost. 

NoPing apologizes for player’s behavior

NoPing esports is one of the best teams in the South American region. The team was undefeated in the Dota Pro Circuit South America till this match against Beastcoast. Things might have turned out differently if the team did not tilt and call an early GG.
The team issued an apology on Twitter following the behavior of its player(s). Beastcoast and NoPing played another best-of-three series immediately after to determine the final standings in DPC season 2.
The Dota 2 community has seen its fair share of drama over the past week. But rage quitting in an all-important DPC match is a first in the finals of a DPC regional event.. The match was even more significant cause it was being telecast live on cable TV in some South American countries.
Losing to Beastcoast in the regular group stage match only meant that the teams had to play each other again. The tiebreaker match would determine which team finishes first and qualifies directly to the Major playoffs.
NoPing esports played Beastcoast again in the tiebreaker series for DPC Season 2. The team won the series 2-0 to advance to the Animajor playoffs while Beastcoast has to contend with a group stage slot. The Dota 2 Animajor is the final DPC Major for the 2021 season before The International 10. Valve has released Supporter's bundles that allows fans to directly support their favorite DPC teams.
This article has been edited to reflect NoPing's second BO3 victory over Beastcoast.
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