In the latest Monkey Business podcast, CEO of OG, JMR Luna, revealed that Valve might not make a True Sight for TI11.

It seems like the Dota 2 community might face another disappointing decision by Valve according to this latest rumor. In the recent OG's Monkey Business podcast, JMR Luna and the Sébastien "Ceb" Debs-Johan "N0tail" Sundstein duo talked some Dota 2 as usual. The CEO of OG then dropped a bombshell, revealing that there might not be a True Sight for TI11.

The trio firstly talked about the recently released TI10 True Sight and commented on the documentary and its amazing SFMs. But in the middle of the 50-minute long podcast, JMR Luna suddenly revealed what would be a heartbreaking fact for the community: "I have something that I want to put in the universe and I don't know if we should talk about it right now but I heard there's no True Sight this year." [Minute mark - 25:20]

"It is like changing a ritual." - N0tail, if there is no True Sight

The podcast continued to discuss in-depth the state of Dota 2 and how Valve is handling it. Ceb is absolutely heartbroken with this rumor and his trust in Valve is gradually fading away.

"I feel like we are at a point where it's outrageous. It's so demoralizing. I don't hate Valve by any means. I actually like them a lot and I've always trusted them, but I'm losing some of this trust I'm not gonna lie. It does feel like they really don't care." [Minute mark - 27:00]

Despite Valve getting continuous criticism for a while now, Ceb gave high praises for Dota 2 itself. He stated, "What's weird is that I feel the game is at the best it has ever been - in terms of mechanics, accessibility, cool features like chat wheels and replays. It's amazing." [Minute Mark - 28:19]

N0tail agrees, "It's the fantastic engine. That's what kept Dota 2 on top for those 10 years or more. So again, there's not have been any advertisement done for Dota ever, by Valve anyway. I think Dota succeeded through the word of mouth and just having the best engine, the best product. The product is so fucking good that you can't stay away from it."

He then calls True Sight and TI11 the main attraction for Dota 2 fans and the only form of "advertisement" the game ever gets. It is true that the player base spikes up during these moments of the year and fans unite under these precious moments. He then comments that if Valve stops True Sight "it is like changing a ritual" and there is no reason why they would want to change it right now. [Minute mark - 33:12]

"Maybe they don't care anymore, maybe they don't have the energy or the passion to go through these things. Or maybe there's a very legit reason, something to do with still growing Dota 2. But I'm sad hearing it, very sad." said N0tail. [Minute mark - 34:09]

If there is no True Sight for TI11, it might just be the biggest loss the community has to suffer. True Sight is one of the biggest, most celebrated Dota 2 content in history, and to pull the plugs on this project -without a very valid reason- is uncalled for.

However, this is only a rumor and we don't know what is the sources from where JMR Luna heard this info. It is likely insider info but so far, there is no official announcement on the topic.