During the coverage of the Gamers Galaxy invitational, we compiled some of legendary player N0tail’s best casting moments from the event so far

Though the former OG captain Johan "N0tail" Sundstein is taking a break from professional Dota, he's still around to provide his wisdom on the competitive scene. N0tail's Dota knowledge is virtually unparalleled.

The man has won two TI's and countless other major tournaments. But beyond concrete Dota knowledge, he brings a lightness to casts that is palpable. Though he is a well known Dota figure, it might be surprising that he has adapted so well to being a talent. Here are some of his best casting moments of the Gamers Galaxy tournament so far!

N0tail shows his bias

In esports, its important that the casters remain neutral and objective about the game state. But when your an owner of one of the teams, it might be a little. It appears that N0tail just couldn't help himself when OG was playing Secret. In a moment of victory for OG, N0tail began to chant: "OG! OG! OG!" Can't wait for the Reddit thread about that one.

N0tail shows his Bias... Again?

Ok, at this point we've abandoned all pretext of objectivity. In this clip, N0tail gleefully cheers as his team mows down the opposition of Secret. In his furor to support his team he asks to Secret "where ya gonna go?" Probably to twitter to complain about your casting N0tail!

Is N0tail still screaming Clarice?

During a tense moment during the Spirit and Fnatic game, N0tail could not contain his anxiety. In the clip, both teams players got extremely low and were dancing around each other to try to come out with the better trade.

The best analysis N0tail could come up with was shrieks of concern for both teams. To be fair it was a nail biter for sure. Probably aged me 10 years.

Pure Joy

Dota is a game which is conducive to high risk high reward plays. During the Fnatic and Secret game, Tri "Jhocam" Kuncoro made a sick play on Weaver to steal the Roshan kill and Aegis from Secret.

The moment of awe from both N0tail and co-caster Gabriel "Lyrical" Cruz was enough to warm all of hearts. We love to see people paying tribute to awesome plays! Wholesome!

Only the best opinions!

Though Secret ultimately triumphed, N0tail shared his disdain for their unconventional offlaner. Secret decided to pick a Lina for Daryl Koh "iceiceice" Pei Xiang, and for awhile it did not go well. N0tail was not shy about his feelings for the pick. I guess it all worked out in the end though right?

These are the best moments from his casts so far. Have we missed any? Let us know on social media and stick with us here at esports.gg!

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