Talon Esports’ Mikoto spoke with Esports.gg following the team’s victory over Entity at the Lima Major.

After Talon Esports eliminated Entity in a thrilling series to kick off day five of the Lima Major, Esports.gg caught up with Rafli "Mikoto" Rahman for a quick interview.

Mikoto and the rest of Talon will be heading home with a minimum of $50,000 and 250 DPC points after clearing Entity in the bracket. But what did that feel like for Mikoto and company? “We’re feeling good. We’re feeling confident.” 

Then how was it facing Entity, one of the top teams in WEU? “In our series against Entity, I feel like we outdrafted them.” Indeed, in the two game series, Talon’s later game drafts felt like they easily countered the early aggression of Entity.

Talon Mikoto talks about the Peruvian crowd at the Lima Major

Talon's Mikoto speaks to Esports.gg
Talon's Mikoto speaks to Esports.gg

But Mikoto admitted it wasn’t just the draft that led to victory. The now infamous Peruvian crowd definitely helped: “The draft felt comfortable, and the crowd cheering for us, and I’m pretty happy with the result. And it feels so good to be cheered by a lot of people in Peru”

What’s the secret to their success at the Lima Major? “We learnt a lot about this patch especially, we have a lot of good hero picks.” He elaborated on the heroes they especially favored: “These picks like Broodmother… Lina, maybe that’s what makes us strong, I think.”

As a final message to the fans Mikoto added: “Thank you for cheering for us, thank you for supporting us in the main event. The group stage too [laughs] but kept cheering for us at the playoffs!”

Talon Esports and Mikoto are in action later today again Shopify Rebellion, with elimination on the line. The winner will head to the Lower Bracket Finals to face Team Liquid.