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It's elimination day for two teams, and we already saw one eliminated due to unfortunate issues. Aurora is out of the tournament after failing to reconnect for their third game against BetBoom Team. This connection issue has affected other teams bootcamping in Romania, including HEROIC.

The South American team wasn't able to keep playing their first game versus Azure Ray, after only seven minutes. The match's casters agreed HEROIC had the lead during laning phase, but the game had to be forfeited while they were searching for a new location to play.

Vitoria "Guashineen" Otero, HEROIC's manager, confirmed that they are ready for their second game. "We managed to get on time to what seems to be the only lan cafe that has internet in Bucharest and [game two] is starting now", she said on her X account. The Azure Ray vs HEROIC DreamLeague S23 series continued after this.

HEROIC is eliminated after almost 70 minutes of fighting, and this puts an end to their Riyadh Masters 2024 (EWC) run. However, they can still get there through closed qualifiers. We got to cover the Game 2 live, so keep reading for the best teamfight clips and match recap!

Game 2: HEROIC struggling to make Razor work

Azure Ray vs Heroic DreamLeague S23 (Game 2) started with a lot of issues for Hector "K1" Rodriguez to find safe places to farm. Azure Ray's high pressure draft includes a Clockwerk, Primal Beast and Batrider: Three heroes with nice DPS and catch. This combination is also reinforced by an OD pick, granting the extra disable.

Close to the 40-minute mark, Azure ray found a way to punish HEROIC, as they get an early kill on their carry. The rest of the fight was well fought by the South Americans, but they lacked K1's damage.

Another teamfight for Azure Ray! They found a break on HEROIC's defense, opening their chance for Roshan and a high ground push. However, HEROIC could still have one more fight before calling it.

Azure Ray vs HEROIC DreamLeague S23 second game finds its conclusion after a beautiful initiation from Batrider. Tiān mìng managed to ruin Analog's close to perfect positioning. After that, it was one again impossible for K1's Razor to deal enough damage.

Where can I watch Azure Ray vs HEROIC DreamLeague S23 series?

Catch every DreamLeague Season 23 match live on ESL_Dota2 official Twitch stream! They also have live streams, highlights and recaps uploaded on their YouTube channel. You'll find the replay for Azure Ray vs HEROIC DreamLeague S23 series there too.

Azure Ray vs HEROIC Dreamleague S23 is over, but it was covered live! Plus, we also have all the tournament's information constantly updated. Make sure to follow for more minute-by-minute coverage!