OG and Team Liquid delivered a chaotic BO3 and fought for their lives in the final match, stretching the game to 74 minutes.

Right after a series between Nigma Galaxy and Tundra Esports, Dota 2 fans are buckled up for another exciting matchup of OG vs Team Liquid. Teams prepared against each other and the meme wars began as old teammates reunite. OG’s pos 4 Taiga was a long-time player of Team Liquid’s old roster and both teams mixed in a ton of friendly banter.

But let’s not forget the actual show where the two powerhouses delivered a set of vigorous games. In what seemed like a TI quality showdown, OG and Liquid fought for their lives to secure the series win.

OG puts on a show in game 1

A fairly balanced early game snowballed into OG’s favor. Both teams took long-drawn fights over buybacks and a ton of kiting but OG always prevailed in most encounters. Misha on his Shadow Demon made clutch saves to turn many teamfights around and bzm’s Ember Spirit was a nuisance to Liquid’s lineup. Ultimately, Liquid could not recuperate from the damage of OG’s aggression, and the game ended at 45 minutes.

Liquid delivers a brutal answer

Liquid put out a stronger draft in the second match which proved to be sufficient to finally take down the squad of OG. A switch-up in playstyle sees Liquid asserting dominance and ramping up pressure on OG. Zai on his Magnus executes good crowd control and allows for a bloodthirsty Razor to feast on their enemies. Liquid knocked on OG’s door and stomped their base, forcing OG to wave the white flag at 35 minutes.

A 74 minute madness

The deciding game was a nip and tuck affair. The entirety of the early and mid-phase was neck to neck but the net worth gradually grew in OG’s favor. However, even with a huge lead, OG struggled to initiate the high ground push and the delay gave an opening for Liquid to take control. The game was equal once again for both OG and Liquid as both sides played carefully and ratted each other’s bases. It stretched to the 70-minute mark and we witnessed the ultimate late-game fights.

After a lengthy back and forth defense, Liquid triumphed in courtesy of zai’s beautiful Black Holes.

Big named veterans on Team Liquid closed the neck-to-neck series 2-1 against the fresh talents on OG. The standings of Division I WEU DPC now rank Team Liquid 2nd place behind Tundra Esports. OG’s position takes a minor toll after the loss and sees itself in 4th place behind Team Tickles.

We will see more action from both teams in the following days, with Liquid going up against Tickles on Dec 11 and OG against Nigma Galaxy on Dec 14. You can refer to the Division I WEU DPC schedule here.

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