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How to unlock Pandora the Packwyrm Courier in Dota 2

Here’s how you can unlock this exclusive Lunar New Year-themed courier in Dota 2!

The Year of the Dragon arrives in Dota 2! Valve released a ton of Lunar New Year-themed sets and cosmetics which you can obtain via the Dragon's Hoard treasure. One of the new releases is an exclusive courier, Pandora the Packwyrm - but it unlocks in a different way compared to the other sets. Read more to know how you can get the Lunar New Year-themed courier, Pandora the Packwyrm.

Pandora the Packwyrm comes in two styles

The Lunar New Year courier will don the Loong dragon look with the default one having a blue skin. The second style to this courier is colored in gold and has an ambient glow.

Pandora the Packwyrm Style 1.<br>(Screenshot via
Pandora the Packwyrm Style 1.
(Screenshot via
Pandora the Packwyrm Style 2.<br>(Screenshot via
Pandora the Packwyrm Style 2.
(Screenshot via

How to get the exclusive Pandora the Packwyrm courier

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

To get the Pandora the Packwyrm courier, you must gift your friends the Dragon's Hoard treasure. Aligning with the spirit of giving, Valve will reward those who gifts with this adorable Loong courier. If you gift one treasure to a friend, you will unlock the first, basic style. If you gift eight treasures, you will unlock the second, golden style.

On the right-side of Main Menu, click on "Buy Gifts" and you can proceed to make the purchase. Your selected friends will receive a red envelope, or angpaos in Chinese culture, which they can open to get the Dragon's Hoard treasure.

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

More in the Lunar New Year update

There are more sets and cosmetics in this exciting update. There are 17 hero sets that you can get via the Dragon's Hoard treasure. You can also get an Ultra Rare Ancient cosmetic, the Ancient Dragon King, which is the first-ever cosmetic for the Ancient building!

On top of funny hats, Valve also released another ban wave targeting cheaters in Dota 2. This seemingly targeted players, even professional players, who used the Overplus third-party application.

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