Hokori picks their own TI11 elimination against beastcoast cover image

Hokori picks their own TI11 elimination against beastcoast


Hokori has been eliminated from TI11 after beastcoast defeated them in the inter-regional battle

Hokori has become the first team eliminated from TI11, dropping the single game in the best-of-one Lower Bracket match against beastcoast. In an inter-regional battle, one of Hokori’s own making, beastcoast’s Adrián "Wisper" Dobles crushed the other South American team. With the elimination, there are now just two South American teams left in the tournament.

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As part of the single-elimination Lower Bracket, Hokori had to draft a strong lineup to prevent elimination. But despite a first-pick Enigma grounding the draft, a lacklustre-looking Ogre Magi, that got crushed in lane, left the team weak.
What’s more, the surprisingly unbanned Batrider came back to bite Hokori, as beastcoast’s Wisper went perfect with an outstanding 18/0/7 record. Hokori truly dissolved in napalm as they clung on admirably, but ultimately couldn’t defeat their regional rivals.

A TI11 elimination of Hokori’s making

Part of the blame for Hokori’s downfall has to be placed on themselves. After the Group Stage the team had the chance pick their opponent. And in a bizarre twist, Hokori picked the other SA team, instead of Entity. 
This was perhaps the team’s biggest blunder—and something that SA fans would call a betrayal. This single decision made sure that we’d have one less SA team at TI11 by day two. 
Unfortunately for Hokori, that team is themselves, who will head home in 13th-16th place. Their prize pool share is not currently known, but is expected to be around $250,000
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