Here are all 12 Direct Invites for The International 11 cover image

Here are all 12 Direct Invites for The International 11

After a series of triumphant victories and heartbreaking losses at the Arlington Major – the 12 direct invites of TI11 have finally been confirmed.

For the upcoming TI11, only 12 teams earn direct invites to the event and it depends on Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) points. Throughout 3 seasons, from Tour 1 until the end of Tour 3, teams across all regions were collecting DPC points by placing high during the Regional Leagues, Regional Finals, and Dota 2 Majors. After a phase of crucial series, triumphant victories, and heartbreaking losses at the ongoing Arlington Major, the direct invites of TI11 are finalized.

UPDATE: Apparently, there has been confusion with the DPC standings. While Liquipedia shows the 12th direct invite as Outsiders, the official DPC page shows Fnatic instead. Valve then clarified the situation and stated that the DPC website shows the official standings - which means Fnatic is in.

The 12 direct invites on the <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">DPC website</a>.
The 12 direct invites on the DPC website.

According to the official DPC website, here are the 12 teams that have secured direct invites to TI11:

  • OG
  • beastcoast
  • Thunder Awaken
  • Team Spirit
  • BOOM Esports
  • Team Aster
  • TSM
  • Tundra Esports
  • Gaimin Gladiators
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Fnatic

During the Lower Bracket Playoffs of the Arlington Major, most games weren't just another elimination series. Teams had their TI11 invites on the line and it was do-or-die. With the company of statsman, Ben "Noxville" Steenhuisen's tweets who was constantly alerting players and fans of possible outcomes, the games grew tenser.

At that time, BOOM Esports and Team Liquid were directly clashing for TI11 qualification. beastcoast were fighting for Evil Geniuses' and Outsider's slot. With many TI11 fates interlinking with each other, the Lower Bracket Round 1 of the Arlington Major was a wild phase.

The Lower Bracket Playoffs of Arlington Major.
The Lower Bracket Playoffs of Arlington Major.

BOOM Esports qualifies to TI11.. but at what cost?

The series between BOOM Esports and Team Liquid in the Lower Bracket was one painful qualifying match. Whoever wins the series, earns the direct invite. BOOM looked very convincing in the opening match, securing the first win. But Liquid bounced back to deliver a fast 26 minutes victory in the second game. Fans for each team were holding their breaths, but BOOM showed another level of discipline that is foreign to SEA teams. They were very composed and patient, and it finally rewarded them with a direct invite to TI11. BOOM became the first Indonesian organization to ever qualify for The International.

Meanwhile, Team Liquid now falls to the nightmare grounds of TI qualifiers. It was heartbreaking to see Team Liquid grieving their loss after the series against BOOM, but it is not over. The team will have to clash against many eager WEU teams including a reformed Nigma Galaxy and Team Secret for a slot at TI11.

"For Arteezy" - beastcoast helps EG qualify for TI11

There is no other wholesome moment that can compare to when beastcoast helped EG make it to TI11. The North American team was knocked out of the Major after losing to Entity and their TI11 slot was at risk. The only way they can secure the direct invite is if beastcoast eliminates Fnatic from the Major.

Beastcoast understood the stakes. They fought for EG' lives and with an incredible reverse sweep, beastcoast pushed Fnatic out of contention. With that victory, K1 all-chatted "For arteezy" as Fnatic's throne exploded. The members of EG thanked players of beastcoast, but Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen clarified that it wasn't the best way to qualify.

Fnatic misses the direct invite by an agonizing 0.5 points

With another side celebrating victories, we also have the painful side of the story. Fnatic didn't attend the most important Major in full power, as 3 of its players were unable to secure their VISAs. However, the team looked convincing enough with 3 TSM players standing-in. Fnatic managed to dodge elimination during the Group Stage, but their run was cut short after losing to beastcoast.

The most aching fact of this loss is that Fnatic missed the top 12 of DPC ranking by a mere 0.05 points. The team stood behind Outsiders, which scored 1020.05 and Fnatic scored 1020. It is possibly the most painful for the 3 players, Marc "Raven" Fausto, Armel "Armel" Tabios and Jaunuel "Jaunuel" Arcilla, who had to watch this unfold from the sidelines.

Fnatic vs Outsiders points in the DPC
Fnatic vs Outsiders points in the DPC

UPDATE: Official DPC site suggests Fnatic qualifies over Outsiders

While the Direct Invites list seems pretty clean and clear, the official DPC site is causing some massive confusion. According to the DPC site, Fnatic sits at the 12th rank instead of Outsiders. This is apparently due to a different rounding down system and because of that, the ranking on Liquipedia and the DPC site contradicts.

According to Noxville, there have been other contradictions when it comes to points in the DPC system. He mentioned that there have been "inconsistent penalties, China's Spring placements, rounding, teams listed as participating when they're ineligible, etc".

UPDATE: Valve has responded to the confusion by clarifying that the official standings are the one on the DPC website. In response to this, Noxville said that 'Valve is freestyling in a nonsensical manner."

Up next, TI11 qualifiers

While the 12 invited teams can now take a breather, the journey isn't over for the rest. Teams that are in the DPC (from Division I and II) are still in contention for TI11. There will be Last Chance Qualifiers from October 8 - 12 and each region will field another representative for TI11. Mark the dates because it will be one huge roller-coaster ride.

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